In our research area we focus on phenomena of mainly physical violence, actors, victims, discourses, and impacts of violence on society and certain groups. Being open as to methods and concepts of violence our research has its focus on local, regional, national, and global varieties of violence which we analyse as entangled ones. Our research has a strongly comparative perspective, since the participants represent the academic fields of ancient, medieval, and modern history. Publications see below. At present we are working on new research programmes, in particular we focus on ways of pacification of violence.



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Third Party funding

Gewaltgemeinschaften im westlichen Balkanraum, DFG.

Evakuierungen im deutsch-französischen Grenzraum 1939-1945/Les évacuations dans l’espace frontalier franco-allemand 1939-1945, DFG-ANR (JP EG).

Social Performances of Cultural Trauma and the Rebuilding of Solid Sovereignties (SPECTRESS), EU.

Cultural heritage of war, Horizon 2020.