Research interests

  • Stein's method

  • Random graphs

  • Stochastic geometry

Publications and Preprints

Second-order properties for planar Mondrian tessellations (with Tom Kaufmann, Kathrin Meier and Christoph Thäle) Preprint at arXiv , 2022.

Approaching the coupon collector's problem with group drawings via Stein's method (with Christoph Thäle) Preprint at arXiv , 2022.

Variance asymptotics and central limit theory for geometric functionals of Poisson cylinder processes (with Matthias Schulte and Christoph Thäle), Preprint at arXiv , 2021.

Concentration inequalities for functionals of Poisson cylinder processes (with Anastas Baci, Anna Gusakova, Christoph Thäle), Electron. J. Probab, 2020.

Sedentary Random Waypoint (with Hanna Döring), Preprint at arXiv , 2020.

A central limit theorem for the number of isolated vertices in a preferential attachment random graph, Preprint at arXiv , 2019.

Fluctuations in a general preferential attachment model via Stein's method (with Hanna Döring and Marcel Ortgiese), Random Structures & Algorithms , 2019.

Recent talks

"Poisson cylinder processes", SPP Workshop "Random spatial networks" in Bonn, March 15, 2022.

"Poisson cylinder processes: Variance asymptotics and central limit theory" (online), Probability Seminar Bath, University of Bath, February 4, 2022.

"Central limit theory for Poisson cylinder processes " (online), Groningen Probability and Statistics Seminar, University of Groningen, January 14, 2022.


Winter Term 2021/22
One exercise class for "Einführung in die Statistik für Geographen"
Summer Term 2021
Two exercise classes for "Lineare Algebra II"
Winter Term 2020/21
Lecture "Zufallsgraphen"


Carina Betken
Faculty of Mathematics
Ruhr University Bochum
IB 2/121
44780 Bochum
Phone: 0234 - 32 - 23809
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