Infinite Loop Spaces and Infinity Categories

The aim of this small meeting is to bring together young researchers from different areas of homotopy theory, in particular those interested in learning algebraic K-theory, and to learn a new topic in a pleasant, informal atmosphere.

Place: University of Utrecht, Hans Freudenthal building

Room: 408

Dates: Mar 12-Mar 16, 2018

We thank Ieke Moerdijk for supporting this workshop with his Spinoza prize.


Peter Dawson

Brice Le Grignou

Gijs Heuts

Dimitar Kodjabachev

Lyne Moser

Joost Nuiten

Luca Pol

Martina Rovelli

Paula Verdugo

Kay Werndli

Jordan Williamson


  1. Overview and introduction
  2. Symmetric monoidal infinity categories
  3. Topological operads
  4. Infinity operads
  5. Additive infinity categories
  6. Smashing Localizations
  7. The infinity category of presentable infinity categories
  8. Commutative monoids and groups as smashing localizations
  9. Classical models for group completion
  10. Canonical symmetric monoidal structures
  11. Functoriality and lax symmetric monoidal structures
  12. Infinity categories of semirings and rings
  13. Introduction to algebraic K-theory
  14. Applications of Multiplicative Infinite Loop Machines
  15. Outlook and Summary

Some further details can be found in the following program.


Magdalena Kędziorek

Lennart Meier

Viktoriya Ozornova