Workshop on Infinity Categories

The aim of this workshop is to acquire basic familiarity with infinity-categories, in particular with quasi-categories and marked simplicial sets as models for those. After a short introduction to the technical tools like Cartesian fibrations, straigthening-unstraightening and Barr-Beck-type theorems, we will in particular look at infinity-categorical notions of usual categorical and topological objects, such as adjunctions or spectra. 

Place: University of Utrecht, Hans Freudenthal building

Room: 610

Date: Aug 7 - Aug 10, 2017


Peter Dawson

Brice Le Grignou

Lyne Moser

Luca Pol

Martina Rovelli

Kay Werndli

Jordan Williamson


  1. Straightening and unstraightening in 2-categories
  2. Straightening and unstraightening in infinity-categories
  3. (infinity,2) - categories  
  4. Monoidal infinity-categories
  5. Monadicity Theorem
  6. Presentable infinity-categories
  7. Stable infinity-categories  
  8. Galois theory in infinity-categories
  9. Discussion and outlook


Magdalena Kędziorek

Lennart Meier

Viktoriya Ozornova