Picard Group of TMF (and Infinity Categories)

The aim of this small meeting is to bring together young researchers from different areas of homotopy theory, in particular those interested in learning about Picard groups and spaces of ring spectra, and to learn a new topic in a pleasant, informal atmosphere.

Place: University of Utrecht, Hans Freudenthal building

Room: 611

Dates: July 15-19, 2019


Thomas Blom

Jack Davies

Brice Le Grignou

Hadrian Heine

Gijs Heuts

Dimitar Kodjabachev

Achim Krause

Tommy Lundemo

Lyne Moser

Joost Nuiten

Luca Pol

Yuqing Shi

Mingcong Zeng



  1. Picard groups: An Introduction
  2. Picard spaces and Picard spectra
  3. Classical descent results
  4. Picard group of connective spectra
  5. Picard spectra and orientations
  6. Picard group of even periodic spectra
  7. Galois extensions of ring spectra and HFPSS
  8. Truncated spaces and truncated spectra
  9. Units in a ring spectrum
  10. Differentials in HFPSS
  11. Introduction to TMF and friends
  12. TMF and Galois extensions
  13. HFPSS for TMF
  14. Picard group of TMF

Some further details can be found in the following program.


Magdalena Kędziorek

Lennart Meier

Viktoriya Ozornova