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                                            FEBRUARY 20-24, 2017 (BOCHUM)

Aims of the School

This spring school is intended for graduate students and postdocs who are interested in the relationships between convex geometry and symplectic geometry. Its goal is not only to educate participants on recent developments in convex symplectic geometry but also to trigger new collaborations. There will be a precourse on basic symplectic geometry.

This spring school is funded by the Bochum-Cologne SFB collaboration program CRC/TRR 191 "Symplectic Structures in Geometry, Algebra and Dynamics”.

To participate

The school will cover travel and lodging expenses for a limited number of participants. Who wishes to participate should send an email to Frau Dzwigoll before January 15, 2017.


Alberto Abbondandolo (Bochum)
Juan Carlos Álvarez Paiva (Lille)
Umberto Hryniewicz (Rio de Janeiro)
Michael Hutchings (Berkeley)
Jungsoo Kang (Münster)
Yaron Ostrover (Tel Aviv)