The MOP Manual

with U. Jürgens
Manuscript, School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Birmingham (2001).


This is the manual for the GAP share package MOP.

MOP is a joint program written entirely in the GAP language. It is based on the CHEVIE package. The source file containing the program and data is built up in a similar fashion as the files in GAP.

MOP is designed to compute upper bounds for the modality of the action of parabolic subgroups P on the Lie algebra of the unipotent radical of P, for simple algebraic groups G. MOP can be applied provided G has a simply laced Dynkin diagram.

This manual aims at a reader familiar with the mathematical aspects and the features of MOP as outlined in the mauscript MOP -- Algorithmic Modality Analysis for Parabolic Group Actions.

ps-file (20 pp.)