Conference - Lie groups: structure, actions and representations
11-14 January 2012, Bochum, Germany

Dedicated to Joseph A. Wolf on the occasion of his 75th Birthday.   (Poster of the conference)


Hotel: Marriott - Courtyard Bochum Stadtpark, Klinikstrasse 43-45, 44791 Bochum   (map)

Arriving at "Bochum Hbf" (main station) you can reach the hotel by public transport: The bus stop is next to the main entrance of Bochum Hbf. Take the Bus 354 (Direction: "Zillertal") or 394 (Direction: "Keplerweg-Wendeschleife") to the stop "Tierpark". Cross the street, turn left and walk about 100 m to the Hotel.

The ticket for public transport (if it is not included e.g. in your DB ticket for the train) is "Einzelticket - Preisstufe A" (2,30 Euro).

Conference center

Location: Zentrum für IT-Sicherheit, Technologie-Quartier Bochum, Lise-Meitner-Allee 4, 44801 Bochum   (map)

A conference bus will take participants from the hotel to the conference center and back.

The conference center can also be reached by bus and subway: Take the Bus 354 (Direction: "Munscheider Str./Franziskusstr.") or 394 (Direction: "Narzissenstr./Franziskusstr.") to "Bochum Hbf". It is also possible to go by tram 308/318 to "Bochum Hbf". Ask at the Hotel for the way to the nearest tram station. The tram connection is at frequent intervals and available in the evening. At "Bochum Hbf" take the Subway U35 (Direction: "Hustadt/Ruhr-Universität") to the stop "Hustadt". A map for the walk from the subway station to the conference center is available here. Timetables are available here and here.
The ticket for public transport is "Einzelticket - Preisstufe A" (2,30 Euro for 1 ride), "4er-Ticket - Preisstufe A" (8,40 Euro for 4 rides), or "Tagesticket - Preisstufe A" (5,50 Euro for one day).

Organizing Committee

Alan Huckleberry Ruhr-Universität Bochum/ Jacobs University
Gerhard Knieper Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Ivan Penkov Jacobs University
Gregg Zuckerman Yale University


The conference will take place from Wednesday, 11.January, through Saturday, 14.January 2012. (On the final day there will only be talks in the morning.)    (Schedule as pdf)

The period for each talk is one hour which should consist of a 45 minute talk, a brief time for questions and a short break. The daily schedule is:

9:15-10:15 Lecture 1
10:15-10:45 Coffee
10:45-11:45 Lecture 2
11:45-12:45 Lecture 3
12:45-14:30 Break for lunch and discussions
14:30-15:30 Lecture 4
15:30-16:00 Coffee
16:00-17:00 Lecture 5
17:00-18:00 Lecture 6

Talks on Wednesday

Lecture 1 (9:15-10:15) David Vogan (MIT) Weyl group representations, nilpotent orbits and the orbit method
Lecture 2 (10:45-11:45) Bend Ørsted (Aarhus) Analysis on flag manifolds and Sobolev inequalities
Lecture 3 (11:45-12:45) Friedrich Knop (Erlangen) Multiplicity free Hamiltonian actions
Lecture 4 (14:30-15:30) Wilfried Schmid (Harvard) Polarizations of Harish-Chandra modules
Lecture 5 (16:00-17:00) Dmitri Akhiezer (Moscow) Weakly symmetric spaces and equivariant real structures
Lecture 6 (17:00-18:00) Steve Rosenberg (Boston University) Characteristic classes for some infinite dimensional Lie groups

Talks on Thursday

Lecture 1 (9:15-10:15) Roger Howe (Yale) Multiplicities in tensor algebras: Iterated Pieri algebras and Hibi rings
Lecture 2 (10:45-11:45) Ernest Vinberg (Moscow) Triads and short SO(3)-subgroups in compact groups.
Lecture 3 (11:45-12:45) Bertram Kostant (MIT) The center of U(n) and a construction of Wolf-Lipscom
Lecture 4 (14:30-15:30) C. T. C. Wall (Liverpool) Plucker formulae for space curves
Lecture 5 (16:00-17:00) Gestur Olaffson (LSU) Limits of spherical representations are not always spherical
Lecture 6 (17:00-18:00) Toshio Oshima (Tokyo University) Ordinary differential equations and Kac-Moody root systems

Talks on Friday

Lecture 1 (9:15-10:15) Shlomo Sternberg (Harvard) Category theory in semi-classical analysis
Lecture 2 (10:45-11:45) Juan Tirao (Cordoba) Spherical functions, orthogonal polynomials and the complex projective space
Lecture 3 (11:45-12:45) Oksana Yakimova (Jena) Maximal reductive stabilizers in coadjoint actions
Lecture 4 (14:30-15:30) Toshi Kobayashi (Tokyo) Stable Spectrum for non-Riemannian locally symmetric spaces
Lecture 5 (16:00-17:00) Isabel Dotti (Cordoba) The Killing-Yano equation on Lie groups
Lecture 6 (17:00-18:00) Roger Zierau (Oklahoma State) Associated cycles of Harish-Chandra modules

Talks on Saturday

Lecture 1 (9:15-10:15) Karl-Hermann Neeb (Erlangen) Unitary holomorphic induction for infinite dimensional groups
Lecture 2 (10:45-11:45) Nolan Wallach (UC San Diego) Quantum entanglement and geometric invariant theory
Lecture 3 (11:45-12:45) Mike Eastwood (Australian National University) Twistor theory and the harmonic hull

Confirmed participants

Ilka Agricola Marburg
Dmitri Ahkiezer Moscow
Dmitri Alekseevsky Brno
Alexander Alldridge Köln
Andrea Altomani Luxembourg
Ralph Bremigan Ball State
Werner Ballmann Bonn
Oliver Baues Karsruhe
Leticia Barchini Oklahoma State
Leonardo Biliotti Parma
Elizabeth Dan-Cohen LSU
Vicente Cortes Hamburg
Stephanie Cupit Bochum
Ivan Dimitrov Queens University, Kingston
Isabel Dotti Cordoba
Alexander Dvorsky Miami
Mike Eastwood ANU
Jan Emonds Paderborn
Peter Fiebig Erlangen
Anna Fino Torino
Ghislain Fourier Köln
Thomas Friedrich Berlin and Marburg
Laura Geatti Rome
Allesandro Ghigi Milano
Bruce Gilligan Regina
Wolfgang Globke Karlsruhe
Helge Glöckner Paderborn
Claudio Gorodski Sao Paulo
Daniel Greb Freiburg
Simone Gutt Brussels
Keizo Hasegawa Niigata
Peter Heinzner Bochum
Joachim Hilgert Paderborn
Roger Howe Yale
Alan Huckleberry Bochum and Jacobs
Andrea Iannuzzi Rome
Hideyuki Ishi Nagoya
Troels Johansen Kiel
Matthias Kalus Bochum
Hisashi Kasuya Tokyo
Wilhelm Kaup Tübingen
Will Kirwin Köln
Toshi Kobayashi Tokyo
Bert Kostant MIT
Gerhard Knieper Bochum
Friedrich Knop Erlangen
Peter Littelmann Köln
Jean-Jacques Loeb Anger
George Marinescu Köln
Todor Milev Prague
Christian Miebach Calais
Cédric Moll Metz
Jan Möllers Aarhus
Tommy Murphy Brussels
Mauro Nacinovich Rome
Karl-Hermann Neeb Erlangen
Hieu Duc Nguyen Rowan
Gestur Olafsson LSU
Acadiy Onishchik Moscow
Bent Orsted Aarhus
Toshi Oshima Tokyo
Wolfgang Palzer Köln
Dmitri Panyushev Moscow and Bonn
Aprameyan Parthasarathy Marburg
Sylvie Paycha Potsdam
Tobias Pecher Paderborn
Ivan Penkov Jacobs
Michaela Pilca Regensburg
Annett Püttmann Bochum
Thomas Püttmann Bochum
Pablo Ramacher Marburg
Margit Rösler Clausthal
Steve Rosenberg Boston Univ.
Wilfried Schmid Harvard
Benjamin Schwarz Paderborn
Gerry Schwarz Brandeis
Zain Shaikh Köln
Wolfgang Soergel Freiburg
Petr Somberg Prague
Vladimir Soucek Prague
Florian Spinnler Louvain
Shlomo Sternberg Harvard
Robert Szöke Budapest
Octavio Taboado Marburg
Juan Tirao Cordoba
Gudlaugur Thorbergsson Köln
Guillaume Tomasini Strasbourg
Valdemar Tsanov Bochum
Ernest Vinberg Moscow
David Vogan MIT
C.T.C. Wall Liverpool
Dorothy Wallace Dartmouth
Nolan Wallach San Diego
Tobias Weich Marburg
Jörg Winkelmann Bochum
J.A. Wolf Berkeley
Tilmann Wurzbacher Bochum
Milen Yakimov LSU
Oksana Yakimova Jena
Genkai Zhang Göteburg
Roger Zierau Oklahoma State
Martin Zirnbauer Köln
Gregg Zuckerman Yale