Energy and sustainability

Which centralised measures has RUB already implemented?

The facility management measures that have already been implemented or initiated include:

  • reduction of flow temperatures in heating circuits
  • conversion to self-regulating valves in all public areas
  • raising the room temperatures in air-conditioning systems
  • raising the flow temperature in the cooling circuit
  • setting the running times – for example of ventilation systems, lighting – solely to office hours
  • reduction of corridor lighting
  • switching off outdoor lighting that is not necessary
  • optimisation of system operation
  • reduction of hot water tapping points

What are the technical savings potentials at RUB?

The most important factor is heating: the primary way to save energy is to lower the room temperature.

“The rule of thumb is: even one degree less results in a 6 per cent saving,” explains Dr. Robert Grosche, Head of Building and Facilities Management at RUB. “This means: if we lower the room temperature from 21 to 19 degrees, we would already save 12 per cent. We can achieve another 8 per cent through a large number of small-scale measures and through centralised measures.”

  • What can each and every one of us do? RUB members are currently being advised about these and other savings potentials. Learn more >
Saving energy
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