Energie und Nachhaltigkeit

Saving energy

As one of the largest universities in Germany with many thousands of members, RUB consumes as much energy as a small town. In view of the rising electricity and heating costs, we urgently need to save energy on campus so that RUB can maintain its standards in research, study and teaching in the future. It’s not possible to achieve this goal as an organisation alone – all RUB members have to do their bit.

In order for this energy transition to succeed at RUB, these pages provide information on energy saving and consumption at RUB.

Beispiele zum Energiesparen

Across the large RUB campus, the sum of the smallest measures soon adds up to massive energy savings - we call on everyone to join in.

What has RUB already implemented?
Centralised measures
Glühbirne als Sinnbild für Idee
Idea or question about saving energy?
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