Questions and answers about Corona self-tests

To contain the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still necessary to avoid personal contact and to follow the distance and hygiene rules. In addition, RUB aims at identifying Covid-19-infected persons without symptoms by conducting random coronavirus (Covid-19) rapid tests, so that they can isolate themselves and the transmission of the coronavirus is prevented.

Last Update: 22 October 2021

RUB’s testing strategy

All RUB employees whose job requires them to work on campus can receive two Covid-19 self-tests per week. This also applies to fully vaccinated empolyees or those employees who have recovered from Covid-19.

Please note that the Covid-19 rapid tests are snapshots. A negative test result means that the person tested is not currently contagious and is unlikely to be contagious in the next few hours.

Taking and evaluating self tests

At RUB, there are currenlty two Corona self tests in use. You can find instructions on taking and evaluating the test here.

Roche SARS-CoV-2 Antigen-Test
CLINITEST Rapid-COVID-19-Antigen-Test

In case of a positive test result

A positive rapid test result must always be verified by a PCR Covid-19 test. To do this, contact your doctor or the local health office. Until you get the result of the PCR test, you are not allowed to enter the RUB facilities and campus. If the PCR test result is negative, i.e. the self-test was false positive and there is no infectiousness for Covid-19, you can access the campus again. If Covid-19 infectiousness is confirmed by the PCR test (PCR test positive), you must quarantine at home in accordance with the NRW Quarantine Ordinance.


For questions on testing, evaluation and measures:

Test centres in Bochum

Here you will find a list of test centres in Bochum.

General FAQ

Is Covid testing mandatory? (15 July 2021)

The self-tests are not mandatory, but the more people test themselves, the better the protection against infections at RUB.

Employees who have been absent from work for at least five consecutive working days (for holidays or equivalent business trips) must show a negative test result from a test centre (“citizen test” or PCR test) on the first day of working after the break. A proof of recovery from Covid 19 or a proof of complete immunization is also valid. Detailed regulations can be found in the “Serviceportal” (partly German).

How is distribution of test kits organised? (22 October 2021)

The test kits will be distributed via the individual organisational units (deaneries, departments, etc.). Further information can be found in the Serviceportal and here

When and where should I test myself? (25 March 2021)

The Covid-19 self-tests should be done at home, preferably on a day when you are supposed to be on campus. The tests represent a snapshot in time. A negative test result means that the person tested is not currently infectious and is unlikely to be in the next few hours.

FAQ concerning in-person courses and exams

For all questions concerning your studies, please visit the FAQ page for students.

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