General information about Corona

Even if loosenings are now part of the everyday life of many university members, the fact remains that the RUB is in reduced operation for the time being. Teaching will continue to take place online as before and will continue to do so until further notice. The majority of the employees also continue to work in their home office. As before, the RUB is implementing the policy decisions on how to deal with the Corona pandemic responsibly and with a sense of proportion.

As usual, detailed regulations, information and forms will be successively be published here as well as in the "Serviceportal".

Where do I have to wear a mouth and nose cover? (30 June 2020)

From 1 July 2020, people in all public areas within the RUB buildings will have to wear mouth and nose covers. Corresponding signs at the building entrances point this out.

Which entrances to the buildings are open? (30 June 2020)

From 1 July 2020, the buildings will again be accessible via all entrances and within the usual building-specific opening hours.

When does the Botanical Garden open? (19 June 2020)

From 24 June 2020, the Botanical Garden will reopen, but still with restrictions. There is only one access at the depot on the N-Südstraße. On Sundays the garden will be closed for the time being. It is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. Further details can be found on the website of the garden.

What changes once reduced operations are implemented? (29 April 2020)

3 May 2020 will be the last day when RUB is running so-called low-encounter basic operations. On 4 May, so-called reduced operations will be implemented. For most RUB members, it will bring about only a few changes. Students will continue to attend online courses only and most employees will continue to work from home. However, oral exams can again be held in person and experimental research can be carried out again. Therefore, buildings are now open at defined locations and can be entered by employees and examiners. You will find more details in the Serviceportal.

In the future, too, all measures and decisions concerning the operations at RUB will be subject to epidemiological developments and official policies.

Rules for visitors (16 April 2020)

Special rules also apply to all RUB visitors, available to all RUB members in PDF format.

Where can I get help in cause of mental health problems triggered by the measures implemented due to coronavirus? (6 April 2020)

LWL-Universitätsklinikum Bochum has opened a hotline for Bochum citizens to help them overcome mental-health crises. The Corona hotline is available Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm under 0234 50774567.

Moreover, the RUB Mental Health Research and Treatment Center offers an anonymous hotline for RUB members and citizens of Bochum who suffer from mental stress or family stress due to the current corona crisis.

  • For adults: Monday to Friday, 6pm to 8pm, Hotline: 0234 3221100
  • For children, adolescents and parents: Monday to Friday, 4pm to 6pm, Hotline: 0234 3221101

Who coordinates the measures at RUB? (23 March 2020)

RUB has set up a crisis management team. It coordinates with the relevant authorities what measures need to be taken. The university management, the student and staff administration, the company medical office, the occupational safety unit and the corporate communications department are represented in the crisis committee.

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Current information about Corona
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