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FAQ for students about the summer semester 2020

RUB’s primary objective is to offer students a full summer semester from 20 April 2020. Despite the lack of classroom teaching during the lecture period, students will be able to acquire credit points as usual. To this end, lecturers are converting their courses to online classes. Internships, experiments, excursions or visits to archives should be replaced or postponed as far as possible by equivalent courses, while maintaining social distancing.

“The faculties, central academic institutions and all their lecturers are highly committed and are working out creative solutions to prepare online teaching for their disciplines,” as Vice Rector Professor Kornelia Freitag outlines the plan for the summer semester.

General information

What are the rules for admission to the campus for students from 1 July 2020? (1 July 2020)

Since 1 July 2020, the Ruhr-Universität buildings have been open again as normal. However, the following buildings are still excluded from opening: UB, UFO, MZ, Oase and Overbergstraße. If you need access to the above-mentioned buildings, please contact the relevant information point. In general the following opening hours apply:

Monday to Friday 6.30 hrs to 20.00 hrs

All service facilities in the Student-Service-Center are still not open to the public and no personal consultations are held on site. You can reach all service facilities by mail, the student secretariat also by phone at 0234-32-22945 or by email.

In the future, too, all measures and decisions concerning the operation of the RUB will be subject to epidemiological developments and political frameworks. The rules that apply are summarised here.

Will the examination regulations for Bachelor (two subjects) be extended? (18 May 2020)

Due to the effects of the Corona crisis and the associated restrictions for students in the processing of Bachelor's/Master's theses, the expiry of the Joint Examination Regulations of 2002 and 2012 will be extended by one semester from 30 September 20 to 30 March 21. This means that a Bachelor's or Master's examination can be taken at the end of the summer semester 2021 in accordance with the Joint Examination Regulations of 26 February 2002 (Official Notices No. 459 including amendments) or the Joint Examination Regulations of 3 December 2012 (Official Notices No. 943), in each case including the associated subject-specific regulations. As of the winter semester 2021/22, examination performances can only be taken in accordance with the examination regulations of 2016. If this applies to you, please contact your examinations office as soon as possible.

Are students granted an additional failed attempt at module final examinations? (18 May 2020)

In all Bachelor's/Master's programmes, the RUB has implemented the decision of the State of NRW to grant students an additional failed attempt for module final examinations that they have not passed in the summer semester 2020. Since the concrete, administrative and organisational implementation depends on the respective examination regulations, please contact your examination office if you have taken part in a module final examination in the summer semester 2020 and have not passed it. If you have registered for a module examination in the summer semester 2020 but do not wish to participate, please make use of your right of withdrawal.

Will the summer semester 2020 count towards the standard period of study? (14 May 2020)

No. The summer semester 2020 will not count towards the standard period of study of RUB students. This was decided by the RUB Rectorate on 21 April 2020. The legal basis therefor was provided by the NRW state government.

The counting of semesters continues without change, but the standard period of study for the individual courses of study has been extended as announced and will be adjusted accordingly on the final certificates.

Are students who are raising one or more children alone entitled to emergency childcare in day-care centres or schools? (5 May 2020)

All students who are raising one or more children alone and are in the final phase of their studies have been entitled to child day care since 27 April, unless private care can be organised responsibly in another way.
In order to prove their entitlement, students must fill out this form, submit it to their faculty/ their examination office, and then submit it signed and stamped to their childcare facility.

Will the semester fee be refunded if the final examination is postponed to the summer semester 2020? (5 May 2020)

For all students whose final examination was scheduled between 13.3. and 31.3. and who had to re-register for the summer semester 2020 solely because of the postponement of the examination, the following regulation applies:

If you would like to apply for (partial) reimbursement of the social security contribution for the summer semester 2020, please contact with proof from your examination office of the postponement of the examination scheduled for the end of the winter semester 2019/2020, which was necessary due to the Corona crisis.

The Registrar's Office will inform you whether and which (partial) amounts can be refunded to you. The semester ticket for the summer semester 2020 cannot be refunded if it was downloaded.

What changes effect students in the so called reduced operation starting 4 May? (29 April 2020)

On 3 May 2020 the phase of the so-called low encounter basic operation at the RUB ends. From 4 May, the next phase will be the so-called reduced operation. It will entail only a few changes for most members of the RUB. For example, students will continue to be able to attend only online courses. However, oral examinations can again be held in attendance. For this reason, the buildings will be open at defined locations. The examination offices will pass on information on this to the students concerned.

In the future, too, all measures and decisions concerning the operation of the RUB will be subject to epidemiological developments and political frameworks.

Are students allowed to record web conferences as part of teaching? (28 April 2020)

No. Recording is not permitted and is punishable under § 33 and § 34 of the NRW Data Protection Act. Teachers may make a recording with the consent of all participants and make it available to the participants. Teachers can use the RUB Opencast platform for this purpose, for example, where the recordings are stored on servers at the RUB.

How is it ensured that students who currently have to look after their children themselves due to the school and daycare closures are not disadvantaged? (23 April 2020)

The examination regulations of our study programmes already regulate the consideration of lost time due to the care and education of children by compensating for disadvantages. Please contact your academic advisors for further questions on this topic.

Further information on counselling and support options for students with children:

German website

The association spielraum e.V. (german website) offers financial support for students with children in emergency situations.

There is a new scholarship for students with kids.

Scholarship German website

What kind of assistance will be provided to first-years students? (6 April 2020)

The faculties are currently preparing introductory courses for first-year students. You can read up on the details on the pages of the individual degree programmes. Please be patient while waiting for the information.

More information for international students

Are there credit points for volunteer work in times of crisis? (16 April 2020)

For all students in the 2-subject Bachelor's degree, there is the possibility of having voluntary work credited as a course achievement via Optionalbereich. Further information is available here.
All other students can enquire at their examination offices whether a similar possibility exists.

Will there be no in-person classes at all in the summer semester? (3 April 2020)

During the lecture period in the summer semester 2020 there will probably be no classroom lectures on campus. The faculties are prepared for a semester with online teaching and guarantee an offer of classes for their students. Information on the possibility of internships and experimental offers will be provided if and when this becomes possible.

Do we call the time from 1 April to 19 April as a lecture-free-period? (2 April 2020)

The summer semester begins on 20 April, so the lecture-free period has been extended to this date. This regulation applies to all universities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

More information german website

Will the summer semester 2020 count as a “zero semester”? Can all faculties do without in-person classes? (1 April 2020)

No, the summer semester is not a “zero semester”. All faculties will offer online courses and students will be able to acquire regular credit points. Not all lab internships, excursions etc. can be replaced and will therefore have to be postponed to a later date. The faculties will communicate any relevant regulations to the students.

Is the semester fee (partially) refunded? (1 April 2020)

The social fee for the summer semester 2020 is 336.50 euros. This includes the following:

  • for the semester ticket (including the NRW-Ticket) 208,38 €
  • for the Akademisches Förderungswerk (for example for the canteen and dormitories) 110 €
  • for the ASTA 18,12 € (15,62 € for the student body, 1 € for the theatre, 1,50 € for the use of the bicycle rental system)

Since the RUB passes on the funds to the three institutions, it cannot decide whether and how these contributions are reduced. However, it is in contact with those responsible and passes on the feedback from students.

Will courses be cancelled for which I have already registered? What if I am adversely affected and can no longer complete my degree according to plan? (1 April 2020)

Students shouldn’t experience any disadvantages due to the current situation. The faculties are developing ways to offer complete degree courses.

In hardship cases, it will also be possible to work out individual solutions with the examination offices to enable students to graduate. Please enquire there about the requirements for applications for hardship cases.

How can access to (specialist) libraries or textbooks in general be regulated? (1 April 2020)

At the moment it is not possible to access any libraries in person. However, ways to access libraries while maintaining social distancing are currently being developed. More information is available in the university library FAQ.

More information

Does the Centre for Foreign Language Training offer language courses and how do the assessments take place? (1 April 2020)

University Language Center will also offer online-based language courses.

All information will be published here.

The assessments will take place online on 9 and 11 April 2020. All necessary information can be found here.

Examinations and tests

What about exam viewing? (23 April 2020)

You can view your exams in digital form via Sciebo (the NRW university cloud). The dean’s office or the examiners can grant access to those students who are allowed to view the exams.

In addition, the electronic version stored on Sciebo can be password-protected, for example via Adobe Acrobat, so that the file is read-only, but can’t be modified.

Faculties can also use other software.

What are the regulations for exams? (1 April 2020)

There are general regulations for theses, doctorates and hardship cases, which are applied by all faculties and central academic institutions. Regulations for other examinations are currently being worked out by the responsible authorities for all of NRW and will be communicated as soon as possible. Additional degree-specific regulations may follow.

What happens to exams that have not been taken? (1 April 2020)

The faculties are trying to solve the problem and will communicate the postponed dates to the students concerned in good time. If you have any questions regarding hardship regulations, please contact your examination office. Please be patient while waiting for the information.

Courses: laboratory practicals, excursions and others

How can students register for courses? (1 April 2020)

The registration for courses is still conducted via the established eCampus and FlexNow platforms. Faculties will communicate any details to their students. Please be patient while waiting for the information.

How will mandatory lab classes be conducted? (1 April 2020)

We are currently assessing whether some of the lab classes can be conducted virtually. In addition, the respective faculties are deciding whether to postpone lab classes or to offer alternative courses. This information, too, will be updated on the faculties’ websites.

Will any excursions take place in the summer semester? (1 April 2020)

No excursions will take place in the summer semester. The faculties will decide how to make up for them at a later date or offer alternatives in consultation with the respective lecturers.

Registration Teachers´internship

How can teachers in training register for an internship semester? (1April 2020)

The Ministry of School and Education (MSB) has postponed the deadline to 24 April 2020 for the submission of documents for the start of teacher training (Referendariat) on 1 May 2020.

As an exception, the university will transmit the certificate data digitally directly to the Ministry of School and Education (MSB) for students who have applied for teacher training starting on 1 May 2020 by the deadline of 15 November 2019 and still have to submit their certificates. Please reach out promptly by email to: The email should contain the following information: student/matriculation number, consent to the digital transfer of the final data to the MSB and indication of the district government (Bezirksregierung) to which the application was submitted. Based on this information, the final data will be securely transmitted to the MSB and from there to the responsible district governments.

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