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FAQ for students 2022

On this page we collect all questions regarding application, enrollment and all other topics concerning the organization of studies and update the page continuously. If you have any questions, please contact the Central Student Advisory Service by e-mail.

Summerterm 2022

Is there a mask requirement on campus? (1 June 2022)

No, but there is a strong recommendation for everyone to continue wearing masks in University buildings. A large number of students, faculty and staff are at a higher risk of suffering a severe course if infected with the coronavirus due to pre-existing conditions. Out of consideration and solidarity with members of risk groups, so-called vulnerable persons, protection against infection continues to be the top priority - especially during teaching events.

How will teaching be planned in the summerterm 2022? (3 February 2022)

Based on the predictions for the pandemic, the university management is currently assuming that the university will be able to resume in-person courses in the summer semester of 2022. All faculties and central research units are currently preparing study offers that take these necessities into account. This doesn't mean that good and successful digital teaching formats will suddenly be discontinued. In addition to a broad range of in-person courses, online classes will routinely be offered.

Open letter from Vice-Rector Kornelia Freitag

Winterterm 2021/22

Will the winter semester 2021/2022 count towards the standard period of study? (19 January 2022)

No. The winter semester 2021/2022 will not count towards the individual standard period of study of RUB students, unless students make use of the option of taking a leave of absence.

General information

Where can I get a booster or initial vaccination? (31 January 2022)

An operational vaccination campaign for booster vaccinations or individual vaccinations is not planned at the RUB due to the considerable effort involved, which cannot be realised at short notice. However, there is a chance to get boostered or vaccinated, for example, at the Bezirksverwaltung Süd in the Uni-Center, sometimes without an appointment. There are furthermore sufficient vaccination offers in general practitioners' and specialists' practices, at mobile vaccination campaigns and in fixed vaccination centres of the cities and municipalities. Locations and schedules of public vaccination services are available online on the Corona pages of the cities and municipalities.

Further locations and schedules of public vaccination services are available online on the Corona pages of the cities and municipalities.

In addition, there is a vaccination office in the Department of Hygiene, Social and Environmental Medicine in MA, which informs and advises RUB students, scientists and administrative staff about all vaccinations. Recently, this office has also started offering Covid19 vaccinations. Interested parties can call 0234 32 26565 to make an appointment for vaccination.

Test centre (1 December 2021)

Since November 29, 2021, there is once again a test centre at the RUB for the free citizen test, which is required for 3G proof. The test centre is located at the Student Service Center (SSC) on the street level at the parking deck exit. It is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In addition, there are still other testing opportunities in Bochum.

Test center in Bochum

For whom will the Bürgertest (“citizens’ test”) remain free of charge? (15 november 2021)

Since November 13th, 2021, everyone is allowed to have at least one free rapid antigen test (Bürgertest) per week at a testing center - and this is valid regardless of vaccination or recovery status. A map with all testing centres in Bochum can be found here:

Where do new students find more information? (14 September 2021)

A warm welcome to our international students. Please contact our international office for more information.

International Students

Being on campus - rules for students


How do I exmatriculate? (14 September 2021)

The relevant form is available in PDF format.

Please send the completed and signed form, if possible from your Ruhr-Universität email address, to Students´ Registration Office stating your matriculation number (“Matrikelnummer”).

Please submit your request by email using a distinctive email address (which includes your name) asking for the certificate of exmatriculation (“Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung”) to Students´Registration office please state the following: your matriculation number(s) (“Matrikelnummer”) (if possible), last name, first name(s) (birth name, if applicable) and date of birth.


Student ID

I have lost my student ID, how do I get a new one? (14 September 2021)

Please send an email from your Ruhr-Universität email address to Students´Registration Office and report the loss.

Please attach a scanned passport photo and proof of payment of the 15 € fee for the replacement (stating your matriculation number/”Matrikelnummer”). Information on payment details can be found here.

Please also indicate in the email to which postal address the new ID card should be sent.

Our staff will then generate a new ID and send it to you by post. Please note that it currently takes a few days to process your request.

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