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A commitment to sustainability

RUB is committed to sustainability and to sustainable campus development. By displaying tangible commitment, it contributes to significantly strengthening the public perception and self-image of Bochum as a vibrant university city. It is for this reason that RUB considers itself a key player in the interaction with the city and the region, in order to shape the future together in a sustainable way.

Mission Statement – Sustainable RUB 2030

The complex bundle of goals of sustainability presents the university with extensive challenges. With the aim of making a decisive contribution to the current global challenges as a sustainable university, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum has adopted its Mission Statement - Sustainable RUB 2030.

Mission Statement

University development plan

At RUB, sustainability will be a major objective in the upcoming years until 2025. This is stipulated by the university development plan. In accordance with the principle “Creating Knowledge Networks”, the plan directs the university towards goals that are crucial for the third decade of the 21st century. Sustainability is one of six fields of action that are vital for the future development of RUB.

Go to the university development plan (German Website)

Sustainability Office

With a cooperative approach and a focus on the UN climate goals, the Sustainability Office develops paths to an eco-conscious future. The office is integrated into the RUB Department of Construction and Real Estate. The team at the Sustainability Office provides information, raises awareness, establishes networks and offers support in all matters relating to sustainability. It is also in charge of the implementation of sustainability projects on campus.

Go to the Sustainability Office (German Website)

Sustainability think tank

In early 2021, the sustainability think tank was launched at RUB, with the aim of approaching the issue in a holistic manner and to jointly explore ways to make RUB sustainable. Its foundation is the university development plan, in which the development of a strategic mission statement “Sustainable RUB” is stipulated. It addresses the matter of sustainability in academia and research, transfer, administration, operations and structural development and focuses on the synergies of networking.

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