Being on campus

A key component of overcoming the Corona pandemic is compliance with the "AHA+L" regulations (keep a distance of 1.5 metres (Abstand), follow hygiene rules - sneeze/cough properly & wash hands thoroughly - wear masks in everyday life (Alltag), ventilate (Lüften) regularly). Please follow the rules below on campus and in RUB buildings to protect yourself and others from an infection with COVID-19.

And this currently applies

Last update: 24 October 2022

  • In case of mild symptoms of a respiratory infection (e.g. cough, cold, sore throat, with or without fever) a Corona „Bürgertest“ from a Corona test centre or PCR test at your family doctor should be carried out in any case before visiting the campus or RUB properties. Due to possible false-negative test results, a face mask - preferably FFP2 mask - should be worn at all times on Campus even after receiving a negative Corona test result.
  • Avoid shaking hands and other physical contact.
  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 m to other persons.
  • Due to the Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance, RUB employees will again be required to wear masks if the distance falls below the minimum of one and a half meters as of October 1, 2022..
  • Travel by yourself in an elevator, if possible.
  • During events (e.g. lectures and exams), the instructions of the person in charge of the event („Veranstaltungsleitung“) need to be observed.

Under the following circumstances you are not allowed to enter the RUB campus or RUB facilities

  • Positive COVID-19 test result: in case of a positive result of a Corona antigen rapid test - if no subsequent PCR test with a negative result was carried out - or in case of a positive result of a PCR test, go into domestic isolation for 10 days (this time can be shortened at the earliest from the 5th day on if there have been no Corona symptoms for at least 48 hours and by means of a negative certified test; please refer to Corona-Test- und Quarantäneverordnung NRW. (german website)
  • In case of direct contact with a sick person or with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19: follow the regulations detailed in the “Corona-Test- und Quarantäneverordnung NRW“ - also regarding exceptions to the requirement to go into quarantine.
  • After staying abroad: During the quarantine period after staying abroad, the RUB campus and facilities may not be entered (also see “Corona-Einreiseverordnung Bund”).
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