Transitions in Engineering Studies:

Motivation, Information and Support!

This field deals with the development of measures concerning in particular the transitional steps characterizing a student lifecycle as well as the initial and PhD phases. With a view to the reduction of dropout rates, transitional steps within engineering study programs at the RUB are accompanied by advisory services. Stages considered are the transition phase from school to university, the early stage of study as well as the transition to PhD studies or the start of professional life as an engineer.

The overall objective of all measures in this field is to allow a higher number of undergraduate students to gain access to an engineering degree. Furthermore, study-related barriers for students with professional qualifications shall be overcome.

ELLI’s approach:

• With the aid of individual advice, ELLI aims to inform school boys and girls about their perspectives: through role models, they are provided with an orientation service for their personal choices of study programs and career preferences.
• With the initiative ALLES ING! an overall impression of the three engineering faculties was created which presents “People behind technology” (
• ELLI promotes the dialogue among the three engineering faculties and supports them particularly when it comes to rising awareness about the access to engineering studies.