German Courses at the International Office

Orientation Courses

The Ruhr University Bochum offers an opportunity to participate in orientation courses (for example for SOCRATES/ERASMUS students) to all foreign students. Orientation courses start approximately three weeks before lectures' begin in the winter semester. The courses aim to assist students to become acquainted with the university, the city of Bochum and the surrounding area and to make studying in Bochum easier.

Language Examinations / Semester Accompanying Language Courses

Foreign students can attend various German courses.

  • Preparatory study intensive courses “German as a foreign language” ("Deutsch als Fremdsprache"): provides efficient preparation for a DSH- or a TestDaF-examination. These courses are offered on different levels and degrees of difficulty.
  • Semester accompanying language courses go into special language problems and give individual attention to students with advanced German knowledge.

Additionally, the International Office provides:

  • Excursions in and around Bochum and surrounding areas
  • Contacts to German and foreign students

Further information on orientation courses, German courses and the TestDaF can be found on the homepage of the International Office under the section of the subject field “German as a foreign language” ("Deutsch als Fremdsprache").