Health Insurance

If you intend to study in Germany you will have to require a confirmation of your current health insurance cover which must be presented at the time of enrolment. Most German health insurers will offer student health insurance for around 50 Euro per month. You will not have to meet these costs if you are a national of a country which has a current social security agreement with Germany, however where this is the case, you will need to register confirmation and details of your health insurance status to a public health insurance scheme (for example AOK, TK, BEK, etc.). Please present all relevant health insurance documents at the time of your registration.


Student health insurance – that is the right to be insured against ill-health or injury for a minimal student contribution – only extends to students up to the 14th study semester or until such time as the student turns 30 yeras old. After this time you must voluntarily join a public or private health insurance scheme. Relevant fees will be significantly higher and are determined by the individual health insurance provider.

Further information about health insurance can be obtained from the Zentralen Studienberatung (Central Student Advisory).


Liability Insurance

We recommend that you hold current liability insurance where appropriate insurance cover will not be provided by a current insurance provider in your country of origin. Liability insurance covers you against accidental damage to third parties and persons or third party property. This type of insurance can protect you from liability where a person takes legal action against you for damages or where compensation claims are made in relation to damages caused by you against another person or their property. For example, such insurance covers you where you as a pedestrian or bicyclist cause a traffic accident or where you accidentally damage someone else’s property. This type of insurance costs about 50 to 60 Euro per year.