Recreation and Free Time


The Musical Centre - Musisches Zentrum

The University’s centre for music, drama and the arts, engaging students in painting, sculpture, print-making, photography, choral music, orchestral music and theatre. Key themes, courses and dates for each semester are provided in the current semester program brochure and are also detailed on the website of the Musical Centre.

Art Collection of the Ruhr University Bochum

The University’s Art Collection includes both contemporary modern art and antique art, as well as a coin collection. Entry is free. Further information can be found on the homepgae of the Art Collection.

 Botanical Garden

Including numerous greenhouses housing various themed or habitat zoned plant species and botanical specimens, the Botanical Garden also provide a habitat for a significant variety of animals.

The Chinese Garden is a part of the Botanical Garden. Entry is free for both the Botanical and the Chinese Garden.

Botanischer Garten

Sport at the Ruhr University Bochum - Hochschulsport der RUB

Offering a wide range of courses in a diverse number of sports and recreational activities, most courses are accessible to students at no cost. However, you need to buy a sport card (15 Euro for students) in order to get access to all sport activies. Current programs and course details are available on the website (Hochschulsport der RUB).

 Studienkreis Film (SKF)

The Studienkreis Film is a student-run film club offering a diverse cinema experience for minimal cost. Films are presented on campus at the University’s Central Lecture Theatre East (Hörsaalzentrum Ost - HZO) HZO 20.
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