The City and Surroundings

Bochum has a lively cultural scene: from the Bochum Schauspielhaus, an eminent nationally-respected theatre, to other alternative theatre houses and programmes. The latest programme and information can be gathered from culture magazines published monthly, such as the free of charge magazine “Coolibri” (available in cafes and bars) or the magazines “Prinz” or “Marabo” (available for sale in news agencies or shops). Furthermore Bochum’s so-called Bermuda-Triangle (Bermuda-Dreieck), the nightlife area in Bochum, offers something for everybody and for every taste. In the summertime you can go the region’s biggest beergarden after finishing off your course work at our university!

Furthermore you can visit the musical "Starlight Express" or the German Mining Museum (Bergbaumuseum), the planetarium, the Kemnader Lake, and much more. You can find further information on the homepages of the City of Bochum.