Master Exams

Registration of the Master Thesis

For the registration of the Master Thesis the proof of 80 credit points is required. You have to register in written form during the office hours of the ECUE office. The following documents are requested:

  • forms of registration
  • solemn declaration (Important: This declaration has to be signed handwritten and has to be included in the bound Master Thesis)
  • curriculum vitae
  • current certificate of enrolment

   Examination Office ECUE

   Marcus Reinecke, M.A.
   GD E1/159

   Phone: +49 (0) 234 32-28750

   Office hours:
   Tuesday 10 am - 12 midday,   Wednesday 10 am - 12 midday

Extent and specified period

The Master Thesis consists of approximately 80 pages and has to cover interdisciplinary issues and problems. Students have to write the Master Thesis within four months (maximum six months for empirical studies).


The organisation of the Master Thesis starts about six weeks before registration. After outlining a draft of your Thesis (proposal for a topic, first structure, selection of literature) you elect two supervisors.

Supervisors are professors of the Ruhr University Bochum who have hold lectures matching the topic of your Thesis. The tasks of your supervisors are the mentoring regarding the content of your Thesis and its later appraisal and evaluation. Both supervisors determine the grade of your Thesis individually. The average of both grades forms your total grade of the Master Thesis.

After finding an adequate supervisor, please, agree on the details of your Thesis with him. It is advisable not to register before completing the selection of topics, the structure and the literature research. The binding topic has to be stipulated in the forms of registration by your first supervisor.