Successful studying requires transparent academic structures and the availability of appropriate advice. This is of special importance for international students, who must find their way in a foreign country within often completely unknown academic structures and study arrangements. In recognition of these circumstances, the ECUE Study Program offers intensive assistance and guidance for the duration of the study period, which starts well before arrival in Bochum.

Student Services can offer support to students experiencing visa problems. Following arrival in Bochum, Student Services can assist with formalities (registering as a resident, health insurance cover, opening a bank account etc.) and in particular with developing study plans. Individual study plans are developed in close collaboration with the Head of Student Services, who is also available to assist with any other queries students may have.

Of particular assistance to international students is the ECUE Buddy Program, initiated to provide student-to-student mentoring during the initial semester of study in the areas of practical living skills and study-related queries. This has contributed to an integration of various generations of students attending the program.