RUB Team wins "NRW debates Europe"

Duisburg, 16th January 2020. The RUB Team succesfully wins the 5th statewide contest of "NRW debates Europe". On the side of Dr. Florian Spohr and Benjamin Lappe students of ECUE and EELP were able to show their skills and bring the title - for the first time ever - to Bochum!

 Nrw Debattiert Europa 2020 Alle  Nrw Debattiert Europa Siegerteam

 all participants of the final round at the University Duisburg/Essen © NRW debattiert Europa                                 the final team of our university RUB celebrating    © NRW debattiert Europa          

Student of ECUE publishes analysis about Fridays for Future in Germany

Pauline Büsken publishes an interesting analysis about the reaction of the different fractions in the German government towards Fridays for Future on "" the NRW school of Governance.

Master's Programme ECUE celebrates 20 years anniversary

On the 23rd of November 2019 ECUE celebrated its 20 Year anniversary with several events such as career day, graduation ceremony and a big party.

Party Game 1 Examensfeier 2019 Gruppe

Master fair "Masterplan" 2019

No master plan yet? With the first master fair, internally organized by the RUB, students and other interested parties had the opportunity to inform themselves about master programs in Bochum. Besides the premiere, there was another feature: interdisciplinary programmes. Next to the master programms Gender Studies, Ethics - Economics, Law and Politics (EELP) and the new History, Philosophie and Culture of Science (HPS+), the MA ECUE was able to shine with its 20 year experience at the RUB.

Masterplan-beratung Masterplan-rektor Masterplan-hps+ © RUB, Marquard

If you want to widen your horizon, and maybe next to your subject you have interest in politics, economics, law, ethics and culture, the MA ECUE is perfect for you.

You can find out about application details here.

Europe Week 2019

Our panel discussion "How important is Europe for us?" was well received by 60 citizens, which led to fruitful discussions and interesting insights and perspectives on EU topics.

  Podium L  Podium  Podium R 

                           from left to right: Florian Spohr, Annkatrin Kaiser, Aukje van Loon, Oliver Basu Mallick, Marcus Reinecke

A common future for Europe cannot be thought without the EU.
We would like to discuss the importance of the EU in its current situation.
All citizens are glady welcomed to join the discussion and share their ideas.

The MA Programme European Culture and Economy (ECUE) invites you:

07 May 2019
06:00 PM
At the Blue Square (First Floor)

Following experts are discussing:
Dr. Aukje van Loon, Dr. Florian Spohr (Political Science; RUB),
European Parliament Candidate Oliver Basu Mallik (SPD Bochum), Annkatrin Kaiser (Mercator Foundation, Projectmanagement Section Europe)

Host: Marcus Reinecke





Ak Minister Bundes- Und Europaangelegenheiten Sowie Internationales Farbig Rgb

Europe Day at the Louis-Baare business college in Wattenscheid

On 2 May 2019 we worked together with 50 pupils  at the Louis-Baare business college. Our project was built into the Europe Day concept of the European business school. The project team consistent of our students (Louise Conze, Nora Heising, Isabel Joswig, Annabel Livet, Leonie Mevissen, Batıkağan Pulat and Johanna Rolf) and also student coordinator Marcus Reinecke. Together we discussed and creatively pointed out topics regarding the upcoming European elections and general knowledge about the European Union. The first day was a very creative way of teaching, while the next day was more contentual. Our contributions were well received and we hope to be back at the school next year.

  2019 05 02 Km Europatag-3


A common energy and climate policy - ECUE Brussels study trip Januar 2019

Like every year, the master programme ECUE visited the EU capital brussels as part of an obligatory study trip. From the 21st to the 25th January the students of the19th year was able to glimpse behind the scenes of the EU and with that gain practical insights. On the one hand, theoretical knowledge can be intensified with a practical orientation - out of the universitary context -, on the other hand, perspectives inside a new field of work are unfolded. The study trip is linked to a seminar bei Prof. Dr. Eising.

Bruss19 Comission-1 Bruss19 Comission-2 Bruss19-ecen

What was always visible and heard in every meeting was the fact that the EU wants to be a worldwide leader in the topic of climate change and energy efficiency. Currently, the key events inside EU politics are the climate objectives 2030 and the big objective for 2050: "climate-neutrality". All of this big political topics serve as an interesting perspective for the European future and the international role of the EU, in the climate change topic. Besides the most important EU-institutions (Commission, Parliament and the Council), also special interest groups were visited (BDI, BEUC, Eurelectrc, CEC, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung). Our students were able to meet persons, who work in Brussels and therefore are directly connected to the european politics. This interchange draws politics closer and can be very important to understand how communication in the EU works.

Bruss19 Council-3-group Bruss19 Bdi

16th graduation ceremony, November 2018

We congratulate all our graduates of the year 2018!

Every November the master degree programme European Culture and Economy is celebrating the successfull graduation of our students. 35 students graduated successfully in 2018. On the 17th November, 22 students received their master's certificate.

Examensfeier18-1  Examensfeier18-4  Ecue 2018-298 Kl

We are moving!

Our new office is located in the new GD Building in GD 1/159.

Career Day 2018

Every year ECUE organizes a Career Day in the so called EuroEck. This year we had 17 alumni visiting us. Our alumni come from different companies and institutions like ThyssenKrupp, Telekom, the European Parliament as well as PhD students from different universities.

After a short panel discussion, in which our students where able to meet our alumni, who also had a discussion about their present job in connection to their past studies, we had several groups to introduce the format of speed dating. Here our students received general tipps for an application, assessment center or as well as pursuing a career in an university.

Inbetween the working phaes we had cake and coffee at our buffet that was prepared by our student's association.

RUB summer festival 2018

Every year our univesity organises a big campus festival where different student assosiation's have stands. This year our ECUE-association offered tasty cocktails with the concept of the "empty glass crisis" and drinks like the "brex on the beach". With our europe-quiz visitors could test their knowledge and receive different gifts like for example a map of europe.

The festival was a big success, so that our cocktails were sold out before the big firework. Our study efforts in economics finally paid off! 

left: ECUE-students Christoph Schwarzfischer and Ilka Löffler   Campusfest Merch18   Campusfest Feuerwerk18

left: ECUE students Chrsitoph Schwarzfischer and Ilka Löffler