10 Years ECUE

On 28 November 2009 the study programme European Culture and Economy celebrated its tenth anniversary. This day was solemnized by a Career Day, an anniversary celebration, a graduation celebration and an anniversary party.

Career Day

Supported by the Career Service of the RUB the Career Day themed “Application with ECUE” started with an interactive question session and a CV check. In particular, the discussion focused on the special profile of ECUE applicants.

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Within the framework of the Career Day Marcus Reinecke gave a review of the success story of the study programme. He highlighted the internationality and the high graduation rate of about 90 %. Students from 39 different nations have studied ECUE in Bochum so far. He also referred to the wide range of working areas and countries where ECUE graduates are currently working.

Furthermore, two alumnae had the chance to talk about their working life: Ina Peters and Julia Beile. Ms Peters gave an informative lecture on application possibilities for international organisations. After giving advice of creating a competitive profile during the studies, she also presented the different young professional’s programmes serving as a career stepping stone. Due to her own experiences of application Ms Peters could give strategic advice and various information for the ECUE students.

Ms Julia Beile, Head of Department Information and Co-operation of the Enterprise Europe Network in Thuringia, presented the working possibilities in “EU-Brussels”. Besides the popular jobs in EU institutions and hot-spots in Brussels, Ms Beile also underlined how diversified the working area in Brussels is. She worked at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (political foundation) in Brussels for a long time and therefore she could deliver insight into her former day-to-day business and the working area of different interest groups.

Last but not least, Dipl.-Soz. Lutz Heidemann from The International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER) in Kassel gave a lecture on “Between flexibility and professionalism – new requirements for graduates in Europe?”. He introduced the contradictory debates on the job market drawing on empirical reports of studies (CHEERS and REFLEX) conducted by INCHER. He illustrated the results of job requirements, income, the link between study and profession as well as the skills of and requirements for graduates. His positive conclusion was that alumni are well prepared for the job market and that the requirements of both soft and professional skills are growing.

Besides, Anja Masanneck and Nina Fuhrmann (Students of ECUE) presented the new ECUE image brochure of the Departmental Student Organisation of ECUE. This flyer pictures an attractive and professionally designed outline which might aid applicants pointing out the special profile of ECUE and its alumni.

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The following Info-Lounge offered the possibility for the students and speakers to exchange opinions.

Anniversary Celebration

Starting with an opening speech the director of the study programme ECUE Mr Prof. Dr. Rainer Eising complimented ECUE on its success. He referred to the familiar atmosphere of ECUE and its successful international alumni.

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Later on Prof. Dr. Elmar Weiler, the Director of the Ruhr University, gave a review on the beginnings of the study programme and in this regard he particularly thanked Prof. em. Dr. Detlef Müller and Prof. Dr. Edwin Keiner for their personal commitment during the formation and restructuring of ECUE. He highlighted the success and the importance of ECUE and underlined the significance of ECUE for the internationalisation of the Ruhr University. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Weiler outlined the development of the ECUE Programme started with the promotion by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the HRK (German Rector’s Conference) followed by the cooperation with the Academy of the RUB and the accreditation as well as the current structure of the ECUE Programme. He congratulated the graduates on their successful study and advised them to keep the unique solidarity and identification with ECUE and the RUB after leaving university.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Bogumil, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, focussed his speech on the success of ECUE for the students and in the working world. Within th ten years of ECUE 369 students from 39 different countries studied ECUE with a graduation rate of 90 %. Prof. Dr. Bogumil also exemplified some working places of ECUE alumni in order to underline the importance of the key qualifications of ECUE graduates as “specialised generalists”.

Referring to current discussions the European policy spokesman of SPD Mr Axel Schäfer discussed the topic “Lisbon is coming – How does this affect Europe?”. Within the last year the consequences of the Treaty of Lisbon were topics of public interest in discussions as well as seminars and the excursion of the 9th year students. Mr Schäfer pointed out the benefit for the international capacity of the EU to act, aiming to talk with “one vote” and the progress of integration.

The anniversary celebration also acted as the graduation celebration for the graduates of 2009. 14 of 27 graduates were present and received their Master certificate by Prof. Dr. Weiler and Prof. Dr. Bogumil. Additionally, the five best students of the year - Anna Fuy, Ina Peters, Elena Kohlbecher (absent), Tim Krüger und Ramiro Poza Vivar – were honoured for their excellent performance.

The graduates Anna Fuy and Ramiro Poza Vivar closed the celebration with very personal speeches. Ramiro Poza Vivar pictured the special familiar atmosphere and the intensive support of the study programme. Beside the own motivation of the students this would help to finish the studies successfully. Anna Fuy referred to the high interdisciplinary demand of the ECUE programme and closed her speech with a very confident appeal to the graduates to appreciate the quality of the studies. Both thanked their parents, friends and especially Marcus Reinecke, Head of the ECUE office, for their support.

Anniversary Party

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The celebration finished with a reception and greetings from ECUE students form “all over the world”. Mr Reinecke also pictured an authentic and very personal image of ECUE speaking from his own experiences. Finally, all graduates and other guests were celebrating and dancing all night.