20 Years ECUE

Almost 10 years ago to the day of the 10th anniversary the MA study programme ECUE celebrated its 20th anniversary on November, 23rd 2019. This day was solemnized with a variety of events: career-day, alumni-network meeting, graduation ceremony 2019, anniversary party.

The day began with the ECUE Career-Day...

 and gave the students the opportunity to venture into perspectives on opportunities after graduation. To share a wide variety of experience many alumni came to see each other again. With this the current students were able to gain interesting information about jobs and year-to-year development of careers. As an introduction student coordinator Marcus Reinecke and assistant Batikagan Pulat led a roundtable full of questions about past student life, typical work days, salaray or overall hapiness. An ECUE birthday-special followed as the networking continued in an informal way, while filling out crossword puzzle about the popular master's programme.

 Career-day-network 1  Career Day 2  Career Day 1

 Career Day 3  Career Day 4

Alumni Network Meeting

Many alumni were happy to meet old acquaintances, but also wanted to improve our ECUE-alumni network with new ideas and a deeper structure. For that the alumni had a private meeting after the career day.

Graduation Ceremony

Our graduates celebrated their successfull degree of 2019 in the context of our 20 year anniversary. With the opening speech, Prof. Dr. Rainer Eising, head of the master's programme, laid the groundwork for a personal and worthy evening. Among other factors, he praised the success rate of the master's programme and the special cohesion between different subject cultures, as well as nationalities. With the first congratulations for the graduates, he forwarded the words to faculty director of social science Prof. Dr. Katja Sabisch.

Prof. Dr. Katja Sabisch pointed out the programmes interdisciplinary focus and its successful development as an important piece of the Ruhr-University. She also referred to the variety of contemprorary thesis topics of the graduates, which show that the students of ECUE study at the 'ravages of time'. The faculty director also emphasized the programmes belief in an Europe and its idealistic future, "which is desperately needed right now." 


Rede Ks  Rede Re 3   Rede Mr

14 out of 16 alumni where present at the ceremony and received their master's certificates celebretively with personal words by the student coordinator Marcus Reinecke. He used his speeches to share individual memories and anectodes to congratulate the graduates.

Examensfeier 2019 Gruppe   Examensfeier 2019 Jahresbesten

The valedictorians Karen Andrea Grass, Ilka Löffler, Christian Müller and Julia Sollik were honored with a lot of pride for their outstanding final grades

Special moments were also shared by ECUE alumni Ramiro Poza Vivar and Tim Krüger, who celebrated their graduation 10 years ago at the 10 year anniversary of ECUE. Ramiro shared his personal experiences after ECUE and his career path which led him to become a global senior manager for market strategies and organisation excellence at Henkel AG in Düsseldorf. Tim Krüger is a personal coach at his own company TIMCO. He described his path to find out what he really wants to do and the personal struggles in the job market, if you only work to earn money.

Rede Rpv  Rede Tk  Rede Absolventinnen


Examensfeier 2019 Musik  Examensfeier 2019 Musik2 

The evening was accompanied by the muscial programme of alumni David Alders, who passionately sings and writes songst next to his job at the Mercator foundation.

20 Year Anniversary Party

Party Game 1

Everybody got together at the big anniversary party where students, lecturers and alumni danced and had fun until the dawn of a new day.


Thank you!

This day showed that ECUE still works as a big community where everyone engages and keeps on engaging to be successfull. We are excited to look forward at more years full of knowledge, enjoyment and success.