Equal Opportunities for Students

Students at RUB can find support through individual counselling and mentoring offers. In order to find their ways into their professional lifes, they have the chance to talk about challenges within their studies and find solutions. Moreover, our student equality opportunity officer established new ways of engagement through platforms such as “Migra! dem Internationalen Frauen-Forum" and "Feminismus im Pott". Both invite students to exciting talks throughout the semester.

Blog „Feminismus im Pott“ (Feminism in the  Ruhr area)

Feminismus im PottThis recently launched blog informs you about feminist and gender-based events, projects, activities and topics in the whole Ruhr area. [Get to the Blog]



Migra! International Women's Lobby


Migra! offers women from every origin the chance to get in touch with one another and talk about their experiences and problems. Migra! became a platform for several lectures, discussions and readings. For further information, please click on the logo.



Gender Studies – M.A. Programme

Our “Gender Studies” M.A. programme combines courses from the three faculties of social sciences, philology (especially media studies) and history. Because of the current “Marie-Jahoda Visiting Chair in International Gender Studies“, there are many further events offered. Furthermore, we have varying offers by different studies, such as Protestant and Catholic theology, sport science and psychology.

You can chose between the following areas of research in Gender Studies at RUB:

  • Work, institution, cultural work
  • Cultural and media-relevant representations
  • Identies, positions, differences


Individual Counselling for Students

The Office for Student Counselling offers general and psychological counselling for all students at RUB. Chose between:

Furthermore, RUB’s Career Service helps you form a practice-oriented study and prepares you to enter your professional career while you are still at university.



The mentoring program offers orientation for students who seek a job in science and economy. Thekla-Mentoring is designed as one-to-one-mentoring.


Ph.D. Student Mentoring Programme

The Professional Development Office offers a diverse range of mentoring programmes for Ph.D. students from different branches of study, especially medical degree students: