Equal Opportunities at Work

Implementing Equal Opportunities in the Workplace

For its’ staff members, RUB offers individual education and mentoring programmes that function as working parties and platforms for networking and exchange of experience.


The Way Forward – Women at RUB

The annual event deals with female staff from technology and management. The event is hosted by the Professional Development Office.

Administrative Management working group

The Administrative Management working group links staff within the many RUB offices and thus promotes the exchange of experience and flow of information. It was awarded the Lore-Agnes Prize in 2011.

Staff guidance

Irrespective of rank or position, all RUB staff can benefit from confidential guidance and receive support if serious problems or conflicts arise at work and internal avenues to a solution have been exhausted.

MTV group representation

Staff from technical and administrative services (Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter in Technik und Verwaltung – MTV) is involved in the process of restructuring academic self-governance. On the webpages of the MTV group representation there is information about issues and committees with MTV representation. Interested staff members are invited to establish contact and get actively involved.

Further Institutions at RUB