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Prof. Dr Katrin Marcus

Short biography:
Katrin Marcus is doing research and teaching at RUB since 2001. Her research focuses on bio-chemistry and functional proteomics.

Guiding principle:
“Normal is boring!”

Katrin Marcus

Interview with Katrin Marcus

You are professor at the School of Medicine – what is your work about?

For one, it is about identifying proteins that can be related to specific diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. It is also about the development of new methods of proteome-analytics, in order to have better chances of researching this area.

What is it you find most fascinating about your research area?

It’s a personal story. My grandfather had Parkinson’s, my grandmother Alzheimer. I was therefore interested in doing research on these diseases. I am fascinated by the analytics of proteins. It is not as easy as analyzing nuclein acids. It is like a puzzle!

Were you planning an academic career while still being a student?

No. I wasn’t even considering an academic career when I was a postdoc.

What was your plan B? What would you have done if you hadn’t become a scientist?

I would have become a tourist guide.

You are especially involved with the promotion of young academics, what is most fun about it?

There are various things: I enjoy the discussions. Learning about the thoughts and problems of young academics. It’s also nice to see discussions, or suggestions develop into interesting and successful stories.  

How do you balance your work and private life?

(laughs) For instance by not ‘doing’ science in the evening. But seriously: I have so many interests, my day would have to be 48 hours long. I’m enjoying so many things therefore I just do them!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Reading: I like crime fiction. I also like sports and I really love going to the sauna, because in the sauna, there’s nothing else to do than being in the sauna. I enjoy meeting my friends and traveling as well.
If you were rector today, what would you do?

Continue Mr Weiler’s work!

If we were to fast-forward to ten years time – what would you wish to have succeeded in?

Professionally: I would like to have an efficient research group that can function without me. It is my goal to solidify my group in research matters, so that I am not needed anymore. Privately: I would like to have children. And most importantly, to be satisfied all around.
5 May 2010