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Women Professors Forum

In the Women Professors Forum (WPF) ), female professors from all fields of science of the RUB have come together. Under the auspices of the NRW Science Minister, the WPF supports the RUB's goal of attracting, retaining and promoting women scientists at every stage of their career in science.

Women in Science

More than 100 professors research and teach at the RUB. Some introduce themselves here:

Prof. Dr. Julia Bandow

Julia Bandow

Julia Bandow is doing research and teaching at RUB since 2008. She is an expert in antibiotics research.



Prof. Dr. Julia Becker

Julia BeckerJulia Becker is doing research and teaching at RUB since 2009. Her research area is astroparticle physics.


Prof. Dr. Eva Belke

Eva BelkeEva Belke is doing research and teaches at RUB since 2009, her research area is simulative psycholinguistics.


Prof. Dr. Dorothea Kolossa

Dorothea KolossaDorothea Kolossa is doing research at the RUB Institute of Communication Acoustics. She is leader of the Digital Signal Processing group.


Prof. Dr. Katrin Marcus

Julia BeckerKatrin Marcus is doing research and teaching at RUB since 2001. Her research focuses on bio-chemistry and functional proteomics.


Prof. Dr. Danja Schünemann

Danja SchuenemannDanja Schünemann is doing research and teaching at RUB since 2005. Her research area is molecular biology of organelle. She has two children, seven and eleven years old.


Prof. Dr. Anna Tuschling

Anna TuschlingAnna Tuschling is doing research and teaching at RUB since 2010. She is Juniorprofessorin (associate porfessor) at the Institute for Media Studies.


Former Female Professors at RUB

Prof. Dr. Anja Hartmann

Anja Hartmann Anja Hartman researched and teached at RUB. She was Juniorprofessorin (associate professor) at the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Prof. Dr. Ines Härtel

Ines HaertelInes Härtel was doing research and teaching at RUB from 2009- 2014. She was head of the chair of public, administrative, European, agrarian, and environmental law.