FAQ Infopoint/Reception

Frequently Asked Questions regarding formalities, contact points and services at RUB are answered here. Click on the question to read the answer.

Formalities + contact points

My student ID is defect/lost. What can I do?

If you have lost your ID on the campus, please contact the Registrar's Office, because this is where all found student IDs are handed in. If it isn't there, you will have to transfer 15.00 € for a replacement ID to the following account:

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
IBAN: DE47430500010001495860
Reference: your name and your student number (Matrikelnummer)

By presenting an account statement or a screenshot showing that the money has been debited, you can pick up your new student ID at the Registrar's Office. Please bring a passport photo and your ID card or passport.

How can I extend the validity of my student ID?

The date on the student ID card is not binding. In combination with a current certificate of enrollment the ID card is still valid.

Where can I get a study progress certificate/study book?

The study book corresponds to the study progress certificate and can be requested from the Student Administration Office by e-mail (stud-sekretariat@uv.rub.de).

How can I re-register for the new semester?

For the re-registration, please transfer the social insurance contribution to the bank account of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum within the fixed time. The required data can be retrieved via eCampus. The transfer deadlines are listed here.

To which bank account and until when must the social insurance contribution be transferred? Is the late fee of 10,00 € credited to the same bank account?

You find the personalized information of the transfer here. If you have to pay the late fee you’ll get the different Information at this point. We will gladly print the information for you at the Infopoint and Receptions. Please note that the social insurance contribution must be transferred by August 31 to the bank account of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Otherwise, the late fee falls due for payment.

How and where do I exmatriculate?

It is important that before the exmatriculation you have completed all courses and compiled them into modules (the final thesis must also have been handed in), have returned all books from the library and paid any fees, and have printed out your Transcript of Records.

Then you can exmatriculate by e-mail or post, you can find more informations here.

Where can I apply for my employee ID card?

New employees of the RUB will no longer receive a RUBCard. You need to use the new two-factor authentication to log in to the digital services.

I have lost something. Where can I inquire if it has been found? Where do I find the lost-property office?

The lost property office is located at the Infopoint UV. You can also inquire by phone under the number 0234 32 23456 or by e-mail at wiederfinden@rub.de.

Technical questions

I forgot my PIN number. What can I do?

You no longer need the PIN to use eCampus. With your login ID and password and the corresponding authentication, you get access to eCampus. For further questions or issues consult the IT-Services of the RUB. You can find the contact to the IT-Services here.

Where can I access and use FlexNow?

The application of Flexnow can only be done online, you can find the access here.

The CIP pools, where students can register via the FlexNow system, are the CIP pools of the students' respective faculty. The official locations are as follows:

  • Faculty of Economics: Building GD, Level 02, a) Room 208 and b) Room 224
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Building IC, level 04, rooms 137, 628, 630 and 634
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: Building IC, level 03, rooms 150, 166 and 452
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: Building ID, Level 04, Room 133
  • University library (only use the PCs on the first and second floors directly around the stone staircase – do not choose computers on the ground floor and do not use the keyboard integrated card reader!)

For further information look here.

Where can I find the „eCampus“ web client and what is it?

Access to eCampus can be found here.

eCampus is an online platform on which all RUB students can manage their courses and records. The Campus Office program can also be accessed via eCampus, with which students can e.g. create the timetable and sign up for exams. You can also create your study certificates via eCampus, as well receive the information regarding the social security contribution and the NRW ticket.

Where can I buy a copy card resp. top up my credit?

The printing centre's Copycenter is located in the SSC building on level 01.

Where can I buy a chip card reader?

Chip card readers are available at Infopoint UV. They are sold at 20.00 € each and have a warranty of two years if you keep the receipt. After May 2022 it will no longer be possible to use eCampus with the chip card reader.


What do I need to be able to use public transport?

You need the NRW ticket. However, this is only valid in combination with a photo ID (identity card, passport, drivers license, etc.). More information can be found here.

How do I apply for a key for a bike shed?

You can find the application for the use of the bicycle boxes as well as information on the prices here. You can hand in the completed application at the Infopoint UV or you send it by mail. Once the transponder has been created, you will receive a mail and can also pick it up at the Infopoint UV.