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PhenomenA of plant bioenergetics, biotechnology, biochemistry
molecular biology

Seniorprof.:  Prof. Dr. Matthias Rögner

ND 04/173

Tel.: 0234/32-25067

Research topics

Bioenergetics (example: Photosynthesis research, ranging from whole cyanobacterial cells over isolated membranes up to the characterization of (membrane) protein complexes on the molecular level, e.g. Photosystem 2, PS2) Biotechnology (example: Biohydrogen production by green algal cells upon illumination; elucidation of its basic principles and their application as renewable energy source)

Our research interests are focused on basic phenomena of bioenergetics, biochemistry and molecular biology of microalgae (cyanobacteria and green algae) and bacteria, with most projects being directly or indirectly correlated to plant photosynthesis. Major aim is to understand principles how solar energy is converted into chemical energy and how these processes can be made available for practical application, using either modified natural systems or biomimetic (semi-)artificial systems.

Topics in detail:


  • Structure, function, biogenesis and regulation of components from the photosynthetic electron
    transport chain (e.g. PS1, PS2, Cyt. b6f complex, ATPases)

  • Composition, dynamics and compartimentation of energy transducing membrane systems in dependence of
    evolution and stress response

  • Bioenergetics of hydrogen production in microalgae


  • Bio-photolytical hydrogen production in microalgae (cyanobacteria and green algae) and in biomimetic model

  • Development of photobioreactors for the mass production of microalgae - optimization of biohydrogen and biomass

  • Membrane proteomics: Development of technologies for the complete and quantitative coverage of the membrane proteome from bacteria