Tiziana Terranova | Università 'L'Orientale' di Napoli
Hypersocial: capitalism, digital media and the grammatization of the social relation


The talk looks at the process of production of a hyperlinked sociality or hyper-sociality in the social web. It discusses the way in which the genealogy of the productive subject discussed by Pierre Macherey in his work on Marx and Foucault can be extended to account for the peculiar characteristics of the production of value out of a free act of constructing and expanding social relations through digital media. It also asks how the extending sampling of social quanta (likes, friendships, shares etc) by social networking platforms interrogates our understanding of what constitutes value in contemporary societies.

Tiziana Terranova is Associate Professor of New Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Naples 'L'Orientale'. She is the author of Network Culture: Politics for the Information Age (Pluto Press, 2004) and numerous essays on culture and new media published in journals such as Social Text, Theory, Culture and Society, Parallax, Culture Machine etc. She is on the editorial board of Theory, Culture and Society, Subjectivity, Dark Matter and Studi Culturali. She is currently working on a collection of essays on computer networks, neoliberalism and noopolitics, and a book-project on a neo-monadology of social media.


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