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We study the processes that promote recovery of damaged ecological communities.

We unravel the causes and consequences of biodiversity itself and use experiments, field work and ecological modelling to explain what mechanisms maintain the still brimming diversity of interacting animals and plants, in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

We offer bachelor and master projects on topics that include:
restoration ecology, climate change (heat waves), extinctions, human-carnivore interactions (wolves, hyenas).

We teach our research through the course Quantitative Ecology in the Optionalbereich and through 2 S-Modules:

190359 S-Modul:
Introduction to Ecological Modelling using Matlab

190365 S-Modul:
Biodiversity Research
(Open Project or Interdisciplinary Project)

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AG Theoretical and applied Biodiversity

Prof. Dr. Matthijs Vos

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