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Research Group Dr. Dirk Wolters

LC-ESI Mass Spectrometry
The electrospray process achieves a well-defined ionisation and the complete desolvatisation of the sprayed molecules that were present in solution.Coupling with reserved phase HPLC enables the characterisation of biomolecules with molecular weights of up to 300 kDa.

Electrospray ESI, APCI
HPLC-MS hyphenation

Multidimensional chromatography (MudPIT)
Characterisation of post-translational modifications
LTQ-Orbitrap XL ( Thermo Scientific)
LTQ Orbitrap XL hybrid FTMS (Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer)
Combination of a linear Ion trap & Orbitrap mass analyzer
Ionisiation technique: ESI
Mass range: m/z 10-2000
Mass accuracy: < 10 ppm
Resolution: up to 100000
Applications: from simple compound identifcation up to the analysis of low-abundance components in complex mixtures
HPLC: Accela Pump (von Thermo Scientific)
Pressures up to 15.00psi
Accela Autosampler ( Thermo Scientific)
Isothermal injection and separation
LTQ XL ( Thermo Scientific)
Linear Ion Trap
Ionisation technique: ESI
Mass range: m/z 50 - 2000
Resolution: up to 20000 (zoom scan)
HRI (high resolution isolation) enables the isolation of isobaric mass peaks for clean MSn- spektra (up to MS10)
Determination of the charge state using Ultra ZoomScan
ETD (electron transfer dissociation) source generates c and z ion transfer series instead of b and y- ion series. Post-translational modifications (PTM) are not affected by ETD.
Applications: protein identification, quantitative differential expression analysis, biomarker studies, PTM-identification etc
HPLC: Ultimate (von LC Packings)
Switchos (von LC Packings)
Famos (von LC Packings)
TSQ Vantage (von Thermo Scientific)
Triple Stage Quadrupole
Ionisation technique: ESI
Mass range: m/z 10-1500
SIM (Single Ion Monitoring) in Q1 or Q3
SRM (Scheduled Selected Reaction Monitoring)
Product und preacusor ion scanning
Neutral loss scanning
RER (Reverse Energy Rampage) MS/MS spectra
Data dependent experiments are available for all scans
Applications: quantitative analysis of proteins
TSQ Vantage
HPLC: Agilent Technologies 1200 Series
quaternary HPLC system
LCQ (Classic) ( Finnigan MAT)
Ionisation technique: ESI or APCI
MS/MS-, MSn and SIM-Scans
Mass range: m/z 50-2000
Applications: protein identification
LCQ Classic
HPLC: Agilent Technologies 1200 Series
Quaternäry HPLC-system