Open Positions

We offer in-depth practica, specialization, bachelor or master thesis on a regular basis, please contact us for further details and availability.

PhD on Antifouling coating technology
The PhD student will develop new antifouling coatings on the basis of non-stick chemistries.
The work involves synthesis of novel precursors, assembly on interfaces and various interface characterization techniques. Microfluidic assays will be used to assess the performance of the
prepared coatings. Successful coating candidates will proceed to field tests in collaboration with marine biology groups around the world.
Prerequisites for the PhD candidates are a Master in chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, or biology.

PhD in 3D tracking of marine organisms
Prior to settlement many marine organisms have an extended exploration ritual. In many cases behavior reflects the outcome of settlement assays.  Using holographic and stereoscopic tracking techniques the behavior of spores and larvae will be investigated and correlated to behavior in the
field. As prerequisites for the PhD we expect a Master in biochemistry, chemistry, biophysics, physics, or computer science.

PhD in synchrotron based X-ray nanoanalysis
Synchrotron based X-ray nanoanalytics offers a completely new insight into matter as structure on the nanoscale and elemental distributions can be mapped with unprecedented accuracy. In the
PhD thesis, biological entities (cells, bacteria, organelles) will be studied by X-ray nanoanalytics at modern synchrotron sources such as ESRF or Petra III. Both, nanoprobes and coherent full field techniques (e.g. Ptychography) will be applied. The work involves preparation of biological samples and a range of fixation techniques including cryogenic preservation. As prerequisite for the PhD we expect a Master in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, or biophysics.