extra function

The functions "cultivation in Germany", "place of cultivation in Germany" and "distribution" can be used in connection with a determination, but also independently of any identification. The functions "IUCN Red List", "synonym(s)", and "names" can only be used independently of a determination.

cultivation in Germany
An extra function is the possibility to figure out which taxon is available in Germany and which one not. This function separates the taxa in two groups, cultivated and not cultivated ones, outside as well as inside.

place of cultivation in Germany
This function separates the taxa into two groups. The taxa which are cultivated outside the Ruhr area and inside the Ruhr area.

This function can also be used during the determination. If you know the origin of the specimen you can start the identification only with the taxa groups of this area. You can also read up on Cupressaceae in a specific country.

IUCN Red List
With this function you can read up which taxa are in the World's Red List and in which category.

The function "synonym(s)" contains 1078 synonyms, basionyms and genera. You can use this function to find out e.g. which names are synonyms or which names are the accepted names.
The function "names" contains 276 common names, where you can find out which scientific name is a synonym to a common name.