Guidelines of the Rectorate for the RUB Career Track Program


Incentive system for recruiting female professors

In 2008, the Rectorate established an incentive system for the appointment of female professors: Faculties which appoint a female to a W3 or W2 professorship, receive 20.000,00 € non personal funds, that should be placed at the appointee's disposal.


Appointment Programmes for Juniorprofessoren and Early Career Researchers

Tenure Track

Usually, a tenure-track position is advertised as a W1 Juniorprofessur, with tenure option. It is possible to be promoted to W2 or W3 professorship under certain conditions.

RUB Career Track

The RUB Career Track is for Juniorprofessoren who have shown outstanding performance in research and teaching, and for postdocs and other Early Career Researchers who have demonstrated academic excellence and a marked aptitude for independent research and teaching. RUB has created this option in order to be able to offer outstanding young researchers attractive tenure-track opportunities to advance their careers at RUB outside the Juniorprofessor route. After successfully completing this process, the candidate is appointed to an unlimited W2 (civil service or private-law employment) professorship.