Appointment Policies

Get the best – keep the best

As part of their contribution to the RUB University Development Plan, the Faculties (i.e. RUB's disciplinary institutional units) have formulated clear qualitative and quantitative development goals. These form the basis for regular planning meetings between the Faculties and the Rectorate, in which upcoming professorship vacancies and their priority are determined, and agreements on budgets are made. These meetings also serve to establish measures to further increase internationalization and the number of female professors at RUB, and to formulate ways to improve the performance parameters of the Faculties. These agreements form the basis of RUB's appointment policies and were created in accordance with our motto, "Get the best, keep the best."

Appointments: proactive and well-directed

In 2006 the RUB Rectorate has initiated an university-wide restructuring of recruiting and appointment procedures, in which all upcoming vacancies for a certain period are collectively reviewed. The appointment of new professors plays a major role in RUB’s future development and in raising its international profile. The RUB appointment strategy is based on equal opportunities for all candidates, and RUB has clearly laid out its expectations for potential professors. The main elements of the new appointment policy are:

  • From the position announcement to the short-listing of candidates to the final appointment decision, all of the steps and decisions in the appointment process are consistent and transparent.
  • RUB takes a proactive policy approach to new appointments. In the appointment process, vacancies for an upcoming period are reviewed collectively and systematically. Priorities are set based on RUB’s overall strategic priorities, and academic requirements.
  • In this way, new appointments are reviewed in the context of the development plans of each Fakultät. The goal is to also include interdisciplinary interests and to increase the proportion of international professors.
  • RUB has developed measures to shorten the duration of the overall appointment procedure, to further attract outstanding researchers world-wide.

Equal opportunity appointment policies

RUB has made it its goal to significantly increase the number of women in leadership positions in both research and teaching. The most important aspects of RUB’s equal opportunity appointment policies are:

  • The Rectorate has created a special incentive system for the appointment of female professors: Departments appointing a female professor to a professorship, receive 20.000,00 € non personal funds, that should be placed at the appointee's disposal.
  • RUB regulations for appointments enable the use of active recruitment instruments. They also enable the consideration of new, additional applications while an appointment process is pending.
  • RUB takes part in the equal opportunity scheme “Professorinnen-Programm” (a scheme developed and financed by the German Federal Government and the Federal States). At RUB two professorships for women (the maximum which can be funded at an university at any one time) are currently funded by this scheme.

RUB was one of the first German universities to put in place guidelines concerning gender equality and equal opportunity in university appointment procedures, and has regularly updated these guidelines since their introduction in 1986.