B.H. Justesen, T. Laursen, G. Weber, A.T. Fuglsang, B.L. Møller, and T. Günther Pomorski (2013).
Isolation of monodisperse nanodisc-reconstituted membrane proteins using free flow electrophoresis.
Analytical Chemistry 85(7): 3497–3500.
doi: 10.1021/ac4000915

Free flow electrophoresis is used for rapid and high-recovery isolation of homogeneous preparations of functionally active membrane proteins inserted into nanodiscs. The approach enables isolation of integral and membrane anchored proteins and is also applicable following introduction of, e.g., fluorescent tags. Preparative separation of membrane protein loaded nanodiscs from empty nanodiscs and protein aggregates results in monodisperse nanodisc preparations ideal for structural and functional characterization using biophysical methods.