The origin and development of metallurgy

Issues of provenance in Anatolia


Contact: Prof. Dr. Ünsal Yalçin

Since 2009, we have been working on a DFG-funded project focused on the early mining industry and metallurgy in Anatolia.

Fig. 1: Vessel with sophisticated decoration from the early Bronze Age royal tombs of Alacahöyük.

Sampling and Geochemical Characterizations

Within this framework, we have taken samples from most of the Anatolian districts with mineral deposits and carried out geochemical characterizations on such. We have also been able to examine some prominent metal objects from various sites including metal objects from the early Bronze Age royal tombs of Alacahöyük, Neolithic copper beads from Tepecik and Cappadocia, and early silver objects from Ege Gübre, near Izmir (from the 5th millennium BC).

Focus for the Next Three Years

The focus of investigations planned for the next three years include the rich finds of metal objects from Ikiztepe on the Black Sea Coast, Başurhöyük in eastern Anatolia, and the silver objects found in Cappadocia. Other metal find complexes may be added to these as well. Such analyses are to be carried out in the framework of master’s, PhD, or post-doc programmes.