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Group for Applied Psychology in Work, Health, and Development
Group for Applied Psychology in Work, Health, and Development


The group Applied Psychology in Work, Health, and Development focusses on the topics flow experience, stress, well-being and productivity. We investigate the relationships between different work-related stressors and physiological activation with flow experience and performance. Based on our results we develop interventions for practical application. Thus our group forms an interface between basic psychological research and applied work, health, and developmental psychology. In a second line of research we investigate happiness and well-being in healthcare jobs and the role of happiness for patients with chronic diseases.

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New paper published!

Corinna Peifer, Christine Syrek, Vivian Ostwald, Eva Schuh and Conny H. Antoni have published the new paper "Thieves of Flow: How Unfinished Tasks at Work are Related to Flow Experience and Wellbeing"!

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Project started!

Care for joy" [Freude Pflegen] is the name of our new project together with the foundation „HUMOR HILFT HEILEN“ and the Alexianer school of health care in Münster. The project aims to integrate humour into nursing education. We develop, conduct and evaluate a humour training that accompanies the nursing education over the course of three years. The training encompasses building positive relationships with patients, the team and the self, and wants to improve long term stress management, work satisfaction and joy at work.

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Positive Psychological Colloquium

[Positive Organisationspsychologie]

Who: Dr. Nico Rose
When: 18.06.2019
where: IA 02/461
Time : 14:15-15:45