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Alumni for Students – Giving Talks

We are looking for Alumni with professional experience who would like to pass their practical knowledge on to students. Impart your experience of professional life to us and give students impulses for their personal and professional development.

There are various projects you can get involved in depending on your subject or profession. We are looking for:


Alumni of all fields

The labour market colloquia of RUB’s Career Services provide students of liberal arts, social and natural sciences an early insight into professional life. To this end, we are constantly looking for RUB graduates who would like to share their personal career paths with current students of the Ruhr-Universität.

In these informal one-off events with up to 25 interested students topics could be:

  • Daily work routine
  • The importance of practical experience during your studies and professional networks
  • Important soft skills in your professional life
  • Ways of transfer from theory into practice

Share your expertise with RUB students!

  • Time: approx. two hours
  • Period: during the semester
  • Journey required, travel reimbursement is possible



ELLI (Exzellentes Lehren und Lernen in den Ingenieurwissenschaften, “Excellent Teaching and Learning in Engineering”) pursues the aim of reducing the number of dropouts by strengthening identification with studies and professions in engineering. Students starting their courses in particular should talk to Alumni who have completed an engineering course in order to discuss the challenges of the course and opportunities for career entry from different perspectives.
The idea is to have entertaining and informal exchange formats (a "MeetINGs-Stammtisch" or something similar) in which Alumni advise students on the basis of their own experiences with their course and their professional experience and support them in their decisions.

Are you interested in contacting engineering students from the three RUB faculties? Would you like to give tips and help communicate a realistic picture of engineering professions?
We have various ideas regarding format which we can coordinate with you, depending on the time involved.

  • Time: two to three hours
  • Period: ongoing
  • Journey required


Alumni from fields of business activity like Human Resources and Teaching

inSTUDIESplus – Simulation-supported communication training simulates conflict situations with students, e.g. between parents and teachers, difficult personnel management and exit interviews or challenging consultation sessions. The simulations are conducted with specially trained actors and realistic case scenarios. To this end we are looking for Alumni from fields of business activity like Human Resources and Teaching who can give the students feedback after their simulation and enhance the learning experience with their own knowledge and experience.

  • Time: approx. three hours one to four times a semester
  • Period: ongoing, Saturdays
  • Journey required, expense allowance 45 to 60 euros