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Alumni for Students – Mentoring

Thementoring programmes of the Ruhr-Universität support RUB members in career guidance and entry in business and science.

As a mentor, you will be passing your knowledge on to students and receiving fresh ideas and impulses from young academics in return. So in this way you can also discover qualified employees for your own company.

You can present your own career path and practise your social and communicative competence. Contact with other mentors will also give you new opportunities for cooperation within your own personal network.

  • Time: an exchange of mentor and mentee lasts for one year. There are usually three personal meetings in this time, but there is also regular telephone or email contact.
  • Period: ongoing
  • Journey not required



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I am a mentor because I want to support the graduates with my experiences
and tips when they launch their career.

Alexej Dmitrenko
Alumnus of the Faculty for Management and Economics

I support the mentoring programme because it provides opportunities to exchange experience and to learn from each other.

Ulrike Rüthing-Vollmer
Alumna of the Faculty of Philology

Mentoring presents an opportunity for people to learn from one another. It is not a one-way street, but an open, honest dialogue based on trust. I became a mentor in order to drive this dialogue and build bridges for graduates between university and industry.

Dr. Olaf Breuer
Alumnus of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

I support mentoring because doing so enables me to make career entry considerably easier for young people and because this kind of exchange is so varied in its themes and inspiring.

Susanne Eyssen
Alumna of the Faculty of Social Science

I am a mentor because I think it is important to provide professional orientation with an emphasis on professional practice for graduates and postgraduates, give them a sparring partner and give them an insight into their possible future profession.

Dr. Jörg Smukala
Alumnus of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

I am involved in mentoring because I would like to communicate my enthusiasm for geophysics and pass on my experience of professional life as a geophysicist. It should also serve to break down prejudices about ‘women and technology’ in the heads of men AND women.

Barbara Lingscheidt
Alumna of the Faculty of Geosciences

I support mentoring because my studies at the RUB provide the foundation for my ability to do justice to my current responsibility as a chairman every day.

Marcus A. Wassenberg
Alumnus of the Faculty of Economics

I am a mentor because I like passing on my experience to young people and getting to know their view of things during this exchange – a win-win!

Prof. Dr. Dorothee Feldmüller
Alumna of the Faculty of Mathematics

I support mentoring because it’s helpful to have female companions!

Dr. Thekla Kiffmeyer
Alumna of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry

I support mentoring because I can achieve a lot of things with my experience and by giving small tips. My mentees have so far been impressive young people, which has meant this contact has been of benefit to me too. Mentoring is fun and creates value!

Prof. Dr. Michaele Völler
Alumna of the Faculty of Mathematics

I am a mentor because I like to help people develop their skills.

Alexandra Elflein
Alumna of the faculty of Psychology