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The RUB Alumni Network serves to maintain contact between former members of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and with the RUB itself. Alumni decide by themselves if they register in RUB’s Alumni Directory. The Alumni Directory is for the Alumni managers (Administrative Department Student Service and International Office of the RUB, Alumni Services) to administer the Alumni data and document contacts. Only the Alumni managers of the RUB can access and view the Alumni Directory.

The valid conditions of the data protection laws (especially DSG-NW, BDSG, TMG) are adhered to; we want to emphasise in particular that no data will be passed on to third parties without your consent.

You agree that the information you have entered will be saved in the RUB Alumni Directory database. The data you have entered will be treated confidentially.

You agree that a contact history may be saved in the administration system in order to document contact. You can request what data have been saved in your contact history from the main administrator.

You agree that you will be written to by the main administrator once a year to inform you what data you have stored in the database and ask you to confirm or update your data.

The data will be used to create statistics in anonymous form.

If you want us to delete your data from the Alumni Directory, please contact the RUB Alumni management team by telephone: +49 (0)234 32-27512 or write an email to and leave a message with your telephone number where you can be reached.

When agreeing to the conditions of use, you also agree not to use the contact opportunities and search functions for commercial purposes. This applies especially to the use of contacts for advertising goods and services.

When your application for becoming a member of the RUB Alumni Network was approved you will become resp. continue to be an affiliate of the RUB.

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