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Full size image Dear TestDaF-candidate,

The TestDaF centre in Bochum/ Department of German as a Foreign Language offers an intensive preparatory course for the TestDaF exam. Lessons usually take place four mornings a week (9.00 a.m -12.30 p.m –four teaching hourse per day). You have the oppurtunity to become familiar with the exam format and will learn strategies to deal
with the various subtests. You also have the opportunity to take place in a model test under exam conditions.
Because of our extensive experience (we have been conducting TestDaF courses since 2002) we place specific emphasis on training oral expression and the improvement of writing skills.
The Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache /TestDaF is an international examination for all those who already have a sound knowledge of German. Your preparatory course will be more efficient if you have already the following skills:

Listening + Reading:
Participants can comprehend the general nature and details of complex academic spoken and written material and can extract the relevant information for working through a problem.
Speaking + Writing:
Participants can express their opinion, approval, and disagreement in a spontaneous and fluent manner and can give clear and detailed descriptions (e.g. pro- and contra positions) about their areas of interest in spoken and written form.

Ready for TestDaF? You can check your level of German with a short test here.

TestDaF Preparation 2015

TestDaF Preparation: 07.01.2015 – 06.02.2015 (€ 200,00) Registration until 24.11.2014
TestDaF examination: Tuesday, 10.02.2015, Closing date for applications for the TestDaF examination: 18.11.2014 – 13.01.2015
[Examination fee € 175,00]

TestDaF Preparation: 16.03.2015 – 20.04.2015 (€ 200,00) Registration until 16.02.2015
TestDaF examination: Wednesday, 22.04.2015, Closing date for applications for the TestDaF examination: 25.02.2015 – 25.03.2015
[Examination fee € 175,00]

TestDaF Preparation: 04.05.2015 – 05.06.2015 (€ 200,00) Registration until 02.04.2015
TestDaF examination: Tuesday, 09.06.2015, Closing date for applications for the TestDaF examination: 14.04.2015 – 12.05.2015
[Examination fee € 175,00]

TestDaF Preparation: 22.06.2015 – 13.07.2015 (€ 160,00) Registration until 22.05.2015
TestDaF examination: Wednesday, 15.07.2015, Closing date for applications for the TestDaF examination: 20.05.2015 – 17.06.2015
[Examination fee € 175,00]

TestDaF Preparation: 03.08.2015 – 08.09.2015 (€ 220,00) Registration until 06.07.2015
TestDaF examination: Thursday, 10.09.2015, Closing date for applications for the TestDaF examination: 16.07.2015 – 13.08.2015
[Examination fee € 175,00]

TestDaF Preparation: 28.09.2015 – 17.11.2015 (€ 300,00) Registration until 31.08.2015
TestDaF examination: Thursday, 19.11.2015, Closing date for applications for the TestDaF examination: 24.09.2015 – 22.10.2015
[Examination fee € 175,00]

To enrol for TestDaF IP in Bochum you need to:

1. Fill in the application form. To download the TestDaF application form click here. Please note our enrolment and payment conditions.

2. Please send us the application form with a certificate of a successfully completed B2 german class (or higher).

3. You'll receive an invoice that you have to pay immediately.

4. Hand in the bank receipt or send it to us by post, fax or e-mail.

5. After receiving your payment, we will send you a confirmation of enrolment and a invitation fpr a placement test (onDaF).

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