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The employees are available to answer any questions regarding continuing education and training.


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Continuing Education Facilities

You just have to know where to look! Our continuing education facilities provide tailor-made courses for companies and their employees, teachers and RUB members.

Ruhr-Universität Academy

On the Ruhr-Universität campus, the Ruhr-Universität Academy, which is organised by private business, realises all-encompassing, interdisciplinary educational measures. It provides academic-standard, job-oriented continuing education for specialists and management in companies, local authorities, organisations and educational facilities. The close cooperation with teaching and research at the Ruhr-Universität creates ideal conditions for positioning in the continuing education market with distinctive programmes.

Professional School of Education

The Professional School of Education (PSE) advises teachers and gives them information about the possibilities of continuing education and training at the faculties (the term "Faculty" is used for RUB’s disciplinary institutional units) and external institutions.