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Transfer: Opening Up Markets

Good research alone is not enough: it also depends on the transfer of that research. So that lively and marketable ideas do not end up in a drawer but on the market where they belong, the Ruhr-Universität has created a transfer concept that consists of three pillars: the “Applied Competence Clusters”, coaching from the internal research and marketing association rubitec and patent scouting. Further offers such as consulting, seminars and competitions round off the transfer of research results to business.

rubitec GmbH: Effective Technology Marketing

In 1975, the Ruhr-Universität started the era of transferring technology into practice in Germany with “Unikontakt” (“Uni Contact”). In 1998 this was professionalized with the foundation of the research and marketing association, rubitec - Gesellschaft für Innovation und Technologie der Ruhr-Universität mbH (“Association for Innovation and Technology at the Ruhr-Universität”). rubitec markets technological services and oversees the patenting and licensing of ideas, inventions and products from the Ruhr-Universität. Many contacts to companies and cooperation with other marketing partners – such as the Gründercampus Ruhr – enable effective technology marketing.

Coaching and Consulting: The Business Plan Competition

Is my idea innovative? Can it be implemented in reality? Participation in idea and business plan competitions gives intensive support to potential company founders. Here they have a coach from the world of business at their side to help them test and evaluate product and business ideas. The aim is to develop the business model, work out a business plan, determine the patent strategy and sound out possibilities of financial support. If this should become a success, investors will find this company attractive.

Further competitions: Play and Win!

Every year, rubitec runs two competitions for members of the Ruhr-Universität, in particular for academics: the transfer prize, which includes prize money of 10,000 euros, supports the development of knowledge from research and teaching into marketable techniques and products. In the inventors’ competition, rubitec rewards the three best inventions in any given year and recognises job-related inventions that are claimed by the Ruhr-Universität. The competitions both close on the 31st December of a given year.

Patent Scouting: So that ideas do not get lost

Supporting academics in a targeted way in generating, recognising and protecting inventions: this is the task of the patent scouts at the universities of Bochum and Duisburg-Essen. Sponsored by the North Rhine Westphalian Ministry of Innovation, patent scouting at both universities aims to acquire marketable ideas, evaluate inventions, advise academics and monitor the patenting process in order to increase the number of inventions registered by the universities.