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Public Relations

Expert Contacts

Are you looking for a plasma physicist who can explain the new applications of low-temperature plasmas to you? An economics expert for an interview on European financial policy? Whatever it may be, the rich diversity of subjects at the Ruhr-Universität can give you a competent contact for almost everything. We can provide you with the right specialist for your subject.

Anyone who needs several people for a subject and is not in a great hurry can ask the people responsible for setting up contact with experts at the Academic Information Service (“Informationsdienst Wissenschaft, idw), whose location and founding member is the RUB. There are 700 institutions connected to it.

Press Releases

A new research project, an outstanding publication, a building project in progress, an important appointment: we report everything that is important on campus by means of press releases. After researching them thoroughly and giving them the data on a competent contact, we send them by email or fax to our subscribers.


The university magazine RUBENS appears every month during semester time – nine times a year. This contains not only the latest news but also more detailed reports and opinions from the campus. RUBENS is available both on campus and on the internet.

RUBENS also publishes supplements on specialist themes. Twice a year, in May and November, the RUBbits supplement appears, which summarises everything that is happening in the world of information technology at the RUB. Every July, the Faculty of Medicine presents itself in the RUBmed supplement. In June and December the supplement “Neues Lernen” (“New Learning”) appears, with information all about current teaching projects.


What does someone’s gait tell us about them? How can cancer be recognised early? How close are we to a quantum computer? The RUBIN editing team set off to labs and offices, experiment halls and clinics. Together with the researchers it creates precisely detailed presentations of their projects and results, written for the general public to understand, which invite the reader to have more fun getting to know more about them.

RUBIN is published twice annually with the entire range of subjects of the RUB. Additionally, there is a special edition in which we present detailed information about a selected topic.