The Ruhr-Universität in Dialogue

Science should not be developed behind closed doors at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). We want all those who respond to the fascination research generates to have a part of it. For this reason, we invite the general public to get to know our work in several different ways.

Open Auditorium

Anyone who is interested can take part in the RUB as a guest. All faculties also organise lecture series, in which current research topics are elaborated on from different angles. The "Hörsaal City" (“City Auditorium”) series sees the RUB coming to the city centre of Bochum each semester to talk to the people of Bochum with a different topic each time.

Public Relations

With our comprehensive media relations work we also reach journalists both locally and supraregionally, who take up our themes from research and teaching as facilitators and prepare it for their respective audiences. We set up contacts and provide information in press format. We present current research in an understandable way in RUBIN, our academic magazine. You can find new information from the campus every month in the university magazine RUBENS and its variety of supplements.

Offers for School-Goers

One target group that is very important to us is school-goers. We have developed special offers for each age group that aims to show them the fascination of science and enables them to try their hand at research. Our school lab, which offers projects in both sciences and arts, is unique in Germany.