Versatile Annealing Chamber

Versatile annealing chamber

This test stand (a) consists of a vacuum chamber which can be equipped with different heater modules and offers the opportunity to do resistance measurements at seven thin film samples simultaneously up to a maximum temperature of 600 °C. Processing can be done under vacuum conditions (up to 10-7mbar) or under an inert gas atmosphere.
Gradient Heater Module (b)
The gradient heater module is a special heater with six sections, made up of copper blocks which have a high thermal conductivity, separated by Inconel pieces to cause a step-like temperature profile across the heater (Tmax = 600°C). A special sample cassette, which can hold 64 thin film samples (5mm x 5mm each), offers the ability to do an in-situ loading of six samples on the heater at a time, so each of the samples can be processed at another temperature. After the annealing time has elapsed the samples are pushed off the heater and replaced with the next batch.
Temperature dependent Resistance Measurements (c)
Another module uses a homogenous heater (Dimension: 15mm x 80mm) which also can reach temperatures up to 600°C. A special probehead was constructed with 7 groups of four pins to do four-point resistance measurements. A switching matrix is used to read out the resistance of each of the seven samples while the temperature is cycled.